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  1. Stereomogga HG app

    Very nice. I didn't know you that well before you left, but I'm glad to see you transitioning back in.
  2. OSRS Mobile (Android Open Beta)

    I'm loving it - but that's because I need to get this 2k total grind done asap. Barb fishing is almost easier on mobile than desktop tbh It has some kinks to be worked out, but all in all I'm impressed what they came up with
  3. eat a dick jelle

    Gz dude
  4. What have you eaten today?

    My best recipe - homemade pasta sauce w/ ground beef. I make mine differently than most, however. I incorporate quite a bit of roated red pepper sauce. I.e. it's similar to a romesco-tomato sauce blend.
  5. Band Game

    Frank Ocean
  6. $ugaRNG very nice - Congrats!
  7. FFA Scythe

    Very nice. Gz dude
  8. Band Game