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I previously led a mid-size clan called Reckoning Day. You may know me better by the names Ul fan and Dj ii3. We were active 2006-10 or so. You may remember us, or recall some of our members: Shakarak, Jetdav, Deathcode10, or Tilex80 - to name a few. This is where I first met True 2k8, with some friendly wars and pkris, and a good relationship between the two groups. Besides that my clan history is limited. I introed to VR for a bit, then led a few PKRI fall-ins for them before deciding VR certainly wasn't for me. Shortly after, I left RS for many years before returning and crafting my main - Smqk. I took quite a bit of time off due to IRL complications - but now i'm back and better than ever!


IRL I just went back to school after a few years off, and I am studying Economics and finance with a focus in Environmental Economics. I love tennis (even though i'm poor) and Roger Federer is far and away my favorite player (and the GOAT). I have a dog, a wonderful girlfriend, and keep life simple. Hiking, camping, kayaking, DIY home and car repair are a few of my interests. 


More to come later...