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  1. Hodor for sure. But damn did he hold that fucking door
  2. Your untrimmed skill cape looked dope AF. I did a little research on keeping an untrimmed cape. Did you find anything yourself yet?
  3. grats my man
  4. Hot damn, congrats
  5. Congrats m8. Nicely done
  6. Sup Joel. TIL: team trannies. Land down under, eh? Sydney, and more urgently Melbourne, are on my short list of places to visit. The Australian Open is my favorite major tennis tournament outside of Wimbledon. I have many a great memories late night PKing (US resident) and watching matches. What're you studying in uni? I'm sure you know, but hang around our IRC and CC - DF is a great community who've recently welcomed me into the group. Hope to see you around m8.
  7. Woot woot. Congrats
  8. Green Day
  9. Cough
  10. I was lagging on and off but spectating was excellent. Gj guys nicely done df STRONG
  11. Definitely not all it's cracked up to be IMO. Any "transcending experience" I ever had was negated by the next 2 days of life without dopamine or seratonin
  12. Sweep
  13. Not yet. Gonna watch some this season though. Gl
  14. Grats!
  15. Fireplace