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  1. Hilt

    Very nice lads
  2. 99 crafting

    Very generous drop party mate. Gz on 99 craft - very nice accomplishment!
  3. Galhas10

    welcome m8
  4. Baby Chinchompa!!!

    entertaining how every pet topic is simply another chance to fuck with a member currently grinding for that pet gz Bob m8
  5. 98 crafting

    nice gains
  6. Ghrazi Rapier

    rich fuckers gz mate
  7. finally

    grats man
  8. Avernic Defender Hilt

    gz big owners
  9. playing for a couple days again

    I love that pet. Gz mate
  10. crawling

    Quite nice.
  11. shit was on point today gf jaja+whomever
  12. 2nd drop

    Very nice, congrats! Also... you guys are making more on RS this week than I am irl. RIP
  13. Band Game

  14. Modern Building

    pretty cool
  15. "Game Night" 7/10 I'm usually not into these types of production-line comedies, of which we get 15-20 per summer This one was pretty fucking hilarious overall.