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  1. wow

    grats dude
  2. Would you sign a prenup?

    100% of the time. How many people have you thought would be in your life forever who are now gone? Trust won't pay the mortgage when your single ass is struggling
  3. Its me Chin

    What's up Mike, good to have you around mate.
  4. Divine Forces Friday Night PK

    Looks like it was dope. Nicely done DF
  5. Band Game

  6. Association Game

  7. Divine Forces vs Vintage

    GF vintage. Glad we finished strong
  8. Racist field trip

    Classic. This kid is immortalized
  9. Dragon Harpoon

    Grats lads
  10. Ex-USA Soccer Player Rant

    USA can't hang with most of the world when it comes to men's soccer. Pay them more
  11. 92 Slayer

    Grats big Slayer
  12. The Deed is Done.

    --------------------------------------------><-------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------><-------------------------------------------- Woot.
  13. Association Game

  14. Band Game

  15. Arcane Prayer Scoll

  16. Fremmy elite

    Nicely done!
  17. I Love This Video

    Quite fun
  18. Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer

    Looks dope
  19. Thx birdo

  20. Finally completed!

    That's big time dude, congrats!
  21. Divine Forces Monday GMT PK

    DF at it again
  22. Divine Forces Monday Night Dessert

    A Force from the Divine
  23. What have you eaten today?

    Pumpkin walnut bread
  24. Is it worth it?

    I love clanning. Really a personal choice and you won't know for sure unless you go for it. With NMZ the melee stats are cake