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  1. Band Game

    Earl Sweatshirt
  2. Association Game

  3. George felt it in his loins

  4. Wanted this since 2k06

    Big owner. Congrats dude
  5. Rev Cave Nerf!

    I had a shit load of fun there, but I can definitely agree with the sentiment that it didn't really spur clan v clan action.
  6. Band Game

    ZZ Top
  7. Association Game

  8. Thermonuclear smoke devil 1/2 done (btw)

    Grats mate
  9. 99 Pray

    Fuck yes, mate. Very nice.
  10. Which game should I purchase

    Only heard amazing things about DS3. Too bad I cannot afford a PS4 rn.
  11. Divine Forces Friday Fun

    Life is good Nicely done DF
  12. Dragonslayer 2!

    Congrats. The quest itself was fun, eh? At least as far as RS quests go.
  13. Another one...

    Bless Congrats.
  14. BOTTOM

    I think you meant to say POWER* Bottom, big owner
  15. Band Game

    Yoko Ono
  16. Association Game

  17. Helpuppy on my ironman lmfao (btw)

    Very nice, grats. Cute puppy
  18. EASY

    You know your herb. Grats m8
  19. 99 Farming

    Make farming great again Congrats dude.
  20. 20000 posts

    good shit
  21. Another one...

  22. Band Game

    Third Eye Blind
  23. Association Game

  24. Biggest Olympic Troll

    You'd think a top athlete would still want to go out and perform at their highest level, especially at this stage. Though I could understand if injury were a concern