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  1. Life is Beautiful Lion King Braveheart Inside Out Saving Private Ryan Few deaths in Forrest Gump (mom/jennie) Leon Like others already mentionned Shawshank Hodor Maximus in Gladiator John Coffey in Green Mile
  2. special kind of nerd
  3. I got 2 boss kills the entire trip
  4. note to self: never go with someone with an arma task again
  5. thanks friends
  6. not much of a fan of dmm gl
  7. welcome to the forums
  8. grats
  9. yesterday's stories seemed very sober
  10. From talking with various people, I've found out that drinking games greatly change from country to country. What's your country's most popular drinking game(s)? In Montreal (Canada), I think it's fairly safe to assume beer pong is the overwhelming king. Flip the cup & never have I ever are distant 2nd and third
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  12. save me fam
  13. lootations
  14. 88

    fun times eh