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  1. Headsets

    hmm yeah
  2. big dicc

  3. some people should definitively have died like thormund, didn't expect 6/7 to be alive of that suicide squad i wonder how the season finale will go lol will cersei go allahu akbar? in what context does sansa use her the lone wolf dies but the pack survives ? does littlefinger finally get his throat sliced open? does dany x jon xox etc
  4. pk25

    wtf im not that bad @Saggy
  5. Told Luke this would happen

  6. Big Purchase

    dont lose it eh
  7. My favorite one has to be the french movie, "Les Intouchables", followed shortly by "Life is Beautiful" (Italian), "Spirited Away" & "Princess Mononoke" (Japanese). u?
  8. what do you put in your hotdogs?

    ketchup+mustard+onions gang
  9. Another pet

    youre not even cool
  10. 1000 Raids

    I meant as having 1 in your possession
  11. 1000 Raids

    1k raids no tbow
  12. i hate this game

    you're a cool ass goon you can do it