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  1. Cooperstown, NY

    heck ya nigga
  2. Best sandwich meat?

  3. [Updated]It's what she deserves

    ya fuk off
  4. Best sandwich meat?

    italian bmt @ subways dont @ me
  5. [Updated]On the board

    who the fuck is pelican and why do you have a tbow
  6. 3 pictures 1 story.

    respect lmfao
  7. Zuk PET

    mfw my regular fire cape took more time
  8. ninja playing fn w/ drake/juju/travis scott

    she say do you only love me
  9. Stephen Hawking dies

    one of the greatest mind of our century the fact he survived as long as he did is insane and thats without considering everything hes accomplished
  10. Afk all day

    whats that place lol
  11. [Updated]:tilt:

  12. DF vs VR 3/10/18

    17 ever loving minutes