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  1. [Declined]Intro Kev

    Its okay, he's hired me to write his next one. Sup Kevin
  2. Poison closes

    It was already closed
  3. Social Experiment: Crest227

  4. Social Experiment: Crest227

    Say that to my gnasher bro! Im diamond in gow4 lol
  5. Social Experiment: Crest227

    Interesting approach, weren't you in Brut?
  6. Soggy Sunday: Inhaling VR's ass fumes

    I'm growing concerned for you David....inhaling all of this ass can't be good for your lungs.
  7. Social Experiment: Crest227

    Yeah I took a L from Rot, so what?
  8. Social Experiment: Crest227

    Hows Exodus doing....o wait ...."The",...? bad Eos#49 or was it Eos#81? O Ronin.....I'm getting too old Eric, I can't keep up! I'm sorry to hear the merge with Tr was a failure, my condolences, would of been a Really fun two week ride before that closed too right?
  9. Social Experiment: Crest227

    Fitting you picked a rabbit for your avatar, you know, being a clan hopper and all lol.
  10. Social Experiment: Crest227

    So four random zybez posts....first one me discussing a clans memberlist and the final one me asking if you're mad. Like I said you stir up shit for absolutely no reason, thanks for confirming it. Besides the one of me asking if you're mad, you aren't involved in any of them...? So the current checklist: 1. Claims or being flamed in Corruption(Dismissed) 2. Claims of being flamed on Zybez(Dismissed) 3. Claims of being flamed at clan wars arena bank(Pending) 4. Claims of me being a cunt(Guilty! The stars say so!)
  11. Social Experiment: Crest227

    Wow that's fucked up, if you see him, give him my well wishes.
  12. Social Experiment: Crest227

    All good Bro, u get a pass! But the boy Mugamas....disrespectful..not pleased.
  13. Social Experiment: Crest227

    When you resort to petty insults, it shows you're the triggered one and you've lost your nerve. The fact that you keep avoiding the Corruption discussion, shows to me you're the type of person who just stirs up shit for the sake of it. You have no interest in resolving things, nor in attempting to justify your stand point. That's a fact, proven by this discussion. Everything I've said here is factual, like for example I pointed out how you start drama, confusing people with one another and flaming innocent people on Zybez: In your post, you flame someone randomly, confusing them with someone else and the weird ass, Corruption relation, which you associate randomly with me as well. I'm coming to the conclusion you're delusional and I'm going to refrain from replying to you because im feeding an unhealthy fairy tale obsession. Somebody obviously traumatized you in Corruption, I'm sorry to hear 10+ years later, your living in the past still and still carrying grudges, worst of all against people who don't even know you.