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  1. 99 Hunter

    gz bro
  2. Galhas10

    seems like some known people still around, i will try to meet some of you at irc, to see how things are going
  3. Galhas10

    still remember one of our first p2p trips on 07, that you got ko by a guy with a d mace, will never forget that bro
  4. Galhas10

    1. Real life/preferred name: Miguel Carvalho 2. Display name: Galhas10 Hello, im miguel, im from portugal, im 25 years at the moment, and well today i was browsing my old files, and saw some runecape screenshots, so i decided to come here to see how the people are going, and to see how many of you still remembers me xD. Btw Ronaldo is bringing the cup to home just saying.
  5. "Who Remembers When"

    at beggining of 07rs we were a RR pking and IMK died to a noob with a Dmace LOLOL
  6. 99

  7. 99 Ranged

    gratz bro
  8. Marcus

  9. its me putin

  10. Pato Intro

    Hey bro remember you. welcome
  11. Galhas10

    Real life name: Miguel Age: 24 Original & current RSN: Galhas10 Clan history: Swords of Glory(Senior) TRWF(member) DF(Veteran) Exotic(High Council) Interests & Hobbies: So at my free times i like to hang out with my friends, go to the disco get drunk and you know xD.... Reason for introduction: Came to say hello to the people who remembers me, and hello the the ones who dont. Anything else? SEM IS MY SLAVE