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  1. Someone got all pets

    but does he have gold cw armor? probably not cause he's a scrub
  2. 99 Pray

    holy saradomin
  3. Rev Cave Nerf!

    They should make a BH crater minigame
  4. Divine Forces Friday Fun

    Very nice outing
  5. DF vs Seals 1/30/18

    good stuff rsb kinda looks fun
  6. really dont like how jaja doesn't use real pk gear!
  7. How good/efficient is your account?

    Yea, most of the time spent on my account has either been Scouting+Bank standing+ or doing something dumb like playing castle wars
  8. Finally got it; Elite void

    you are a true owner i hope you know that
  9. 92/99 @ Ross

    Very nice become a big 124 combat owner
  10. Pet Ross

    a cute
  11. DF 4x Sunday: vs Ce, vs Jj, vs Di 2x

    holy shit teach me how to win so much