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  1. Jagex are giving away a gaming computer

    I clicked the .exe and it didn't do anything Should I run it as admin? I want a new PC
  2. The DF Kingdom

    i don't remember eevee having this many evolutions
  3. Divine Forces P2P PK Ft. Jaja

    Jaja r fuckin scrubs
  4. Hello

    Welcome back D!
  5. DF vs Vintage 9/17

    Not a big fan of RSB fights but still looked really fun! GJ DF!
  6. Audien - Message

    Nice sample of Yuri Kane :0
  7. Smoking

    Would you date a girl who smokes? I don't think I would.
  8. FUUARK @Joe Bro, typically lean away from Armin van Bigroom style trance, but this track is so damn good to me for some reason.
  9. Divine Forces GMT Small-man

    Small man, big owner.
  10. Most Missed Clan

    Honorable mentions: Red Dragon Knights and Ancient Fury Both started off as RSB clans without much history and ended up becoming great clans without too many spastics.
  11. New PC Build - OS

    I just bought a Windows 10 USB drive from Newegg. Saved me on having to buy a DVD drive to install a disc copy.
  12. Most Missed Clan

    I feel like they had a solid core group. I do miss them. Ngl. Just banting around.
  13. Divine Forces Killing Everyone

    DF makes it look 2 easy