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  1. rs3 2296 316m xp osrs 2181 277m xp
  2. Imo elite void needs to be locked behind elite western provinces not hard and buffed to back to 20 or even 15 percent. As for serp helm it is essentially still useless.
  3. Literally 1 day after I get elite void it gets nerfed into the ground lmfao
  4. rip, always enjoyed slaying them over the past 8 years
  5. trash cans
  6. Work and scape, same as always
  7. gz brother
  8. gz on 2m homie
  9. Summoning, but I would pick all if I could. The only rs update that made me quit was eoc.
  10. bye bye
  11. gf vr
  12. wtf lol
  13. gj friends
  14. hell no lol