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  1. u take cold showers?

    warm/hot. It's very relaxing
  2. 2 left :D

  3. 3rd ever clue

    bank lewt
  4. congrats! very lucky
  5. Worse Skill of RuneScape?

    RC, Agility comes in at a close 2nd. Both could use a buff in xp
  6. welcome to the beaver club
  7. Poon Slayer

    ye nig
  8. The curse has been broken

    good shit homie
  9. Do any of you play DMM?

    never played before, kinda fun to watch on twitch though lol
  10. 99 Agility

    grats! gl on slayer
  11. And the real grind begins

    It's always exciting to see which farming lvl you get, it's almost like it's the next one in numerical order each time
  12. Dexterous Prayer Scroll

    you get too much loot mr. kelso