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  1. sick gratz
  2. not bad
  3. Thanks for the fight rev
  4. Better to die sooner rather than later
  5. Honestly hope they take all their recruits back from Rot
  6. never liked the mona lisa
  7. on the rise
  8. insane but i agree with every1 else plz stop
  9. i wanna try that
  10. Sup

  11. almost positive they removed agility benefits from f2p
  12. pic
  13. Got a scar about a foot long down my calf from a surgery after i got an infection
  14. I dont just look for 1 thing lol, I screen for a bunch of different things and dont get involved with anyone if they dont make it I screen for: family, drive, and appearance (both genetics and hygiene) From there I basically grade them based on personality, hobbies, social skills/network, etc. Obviously most of this is subconscious.