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  1. u wasn't there

    big killer now
  2. Divine Forces P2P PK

  3. i hate this game

    So close, youll get it soon
  4. [Declined]Tommy's Intro (Run To GDZ/Chesty)

    i never applied or introed to rot
  5. Raids got buffed today

    just in time for me to start camping raids
  6. 1. What is your current display name: Starfishkiss 2. List all your previous aliases/display names: Demon of BA, Run To GDZ, Chesty, Starfishkiss, Kissthefish, COCOCO name change, Dnyom name change, probably other names too I just can't remember them 3. Post a picture of your stats & combat level (if you are a low level, we expect you train hard during your IG/FA period) 99 prayer banked 4. What timezone are you in? -8, I'm from Washington. 5. Your clan history. Every clan OR team you've joined or attempted to join, how long you were affiliated, highest rank held and why are you no longer in said clan. Inaccurate information will result in an automatic decline. I have never held a rank in any main clan. Poison - 1.5-2 years I think, I wanted to try bigger clanning while it was still around so I left for Downfall. While in Poison I was allowed to multi-clan with a p2p clan. Sv - Less than 1 year total, I went inactive for school (which was fine for Poison, I could still make prepped cwa fights, it wasnt fine for SV who's only events was p2p pking everyday), when I came back to rs Jaja and SV were in a rag crash war that I wanted no part of so I never rejoined. Jaja - During my time in SV they mass joined Jaja (sv went pure and back to main), I just forgot about them and never really met their community or anything. AC - Some time after resuming my activity, I wanted to get back into p2p clanning (was getting more active again) so I joined AC, they closed while I was just getting member there and reopened shortly solely on dmm (didnt want any part of dmm) CT - I attempted to join CT before joining AC, they declined me for previously being in Sv. DK - I joined DK on my spare to leak locs to Poison while we were in the crash war, we crashed all their f2p action - I believe me and Ron were the only 2 actively getting insider information during the entirety of the crash war, we crashed almost all their events including cwa practice multiple times. Reapers of Runescape - I joined (not sure if I ever actually joined but I idled in their ts and went on daily pk trips) to try to recruit some of their members to Poison and to give a p2p option for Poison members Outlawz - Rag clan of friends from Reapers who had a falling out with KingTheGreat, we just pked in moonclan until it got boring a week later and disbanded. Downfall - I introed to Dfall and was kicked after being accused of scamming one of their ranks for 260m (I was being paid to RC for him). I let another rank on my account at the time while in TS with most of their staff, as we discussed whether or not they believed it was me, the staff member told me he was cleaning my account as it was only fair (90m~). I was told I could re-intro in 2 weeks. The next day I left CC against Dfall in r3 when the score was 23-23 (causing them to lose 0-3). I was then banned from Dfall and their CWA teams and ddosed for a few days. Playdead - I was smited by Playdead while p2p pking with Poison and decided to join them because I wanted to start p2p pking in multi again. After I was declined from dfall (before leaving cc), I was told by the non-dfall leader of PD that he thought I was just using PD to get into dfall and now that that was over, I didnt need to be in PD anymore or something along those lines. He didnt even let me talk to him about it and just banned me off ts. Chivalry Legions - current member app. I joined them last month after introing here and meeting Karate, still love being there. Vintage - recently made a community intro here, exploring the possibility of joining them for some max gear wars after seeing the aftermath topic here. Cwa Teams - Synergy, Descent, Immaculate After being kicked from Downfall, I didn't want to stop clanning. I really enjoyed being in a large, active community and the bigger wars so I made forum accounts on this site, rot's, di's, vr's, and elsewhere. I looked around and talked to my friends about where we should go and me and Wemb agreed to come here. Pre-eoc and prior to joining Poison, I was in several pure clans. I co-lead a rsb pure clan called Deathrow in 2009 and other than that, was never a rank. The clans that I can remember are: Deathrow, Temptation, Complexity, Control, Defiance, Havoc, Hazard, and Eruption of Pures. I was an ending member in every clan except EOP and Havoc. I went inactive while in EOP and lent my pure to someone there. He got a temp ban for botting but didnt tell me and my pure was perm banned when I returned and auto-clicked nmz. I also left Eop several times to join defiance/hazard re-makes (good friend's clans), only to rejoin after they closed (they were basically summer clans). I was frequently quitting and re-starting runescape pre-eoc (quitting for school, quitting when I moved, etc). I havent done that on osrs (I've gone inactive a few times but I always log in occassionally). 6. List all DF members you currently know. How long have you known them and where did you meet them? Steven - First interaction with him was flaming each other after a df v poison cwa war probably a year ago, during my initial intro attempt we got to know each other better. Ross - asked me for underwear pics 3 months ago David - pked alittle with him, used to pm him on irc occasionally Boszy - fellow staker, met him today in irc and my stream True 2k8 - calls me molesty because my rsn was Chesty for awhile and hes projecting etc Vladi X - I pked with vladi from time to time with Chrizilla in May/June. We havent talked since though. Rene - chatted with him in May, pked abit too. Ellie&Ila - not my proudest raid with them just today. Also Ellie declined me from Elusive when I was in Poison. Sugar - CL ts for a month or so I've had conversations with a bunch of people. I like to think I'm starting to become a familiar face here. I recognize a bunch of people from warring against you guys and idling in #df 7. As an intro it is important to integrate with the community. Do you have IRC and Teamspeak installed? On a side note: Be in True 2k8 clan chat when you're online. Yes. 8. Tell us a little about yourself: I'm 23 years old, still going to college. This summer I spent most of my free time playing RS - during the school year I'm not quite as active, but I try to be. My favorite shows on netflix are the marvel ones, I mainly only watch TV when afk skilling and with my roommate when we're really tired. I go through phases of being either irrational/"spastic"/trying to have fun and rational/level headed/goal oriented. I've learned not to let my irrational self make big decisions for me - with that being said, I'm not bipolar etc, I don't just flip out on someone, I just eventually get stressed and thats how I react (dissociate from the problem and joke about it). Either way, I'm usually a fun person to be around, in-game and out. Because of this, some people think I'm a retard/spastic while others love being around me. I can be loud and obnoxious sometimes and other times very reserved, but I usually conform to how everyone around me is acting - I can keep up with people who are high energy but I normally won't be the catalyst igniting the conversation - unless there's that awkward silence in which case I'll pipe up. I've recently gotten into streaming alittle and its pretty fun, still learning it all but I enjoy it. 9. How did you find us? The first time I ever heard about DF was when you guys were fighting ROT and Poison was going to get in on a potential cluster. I think we fought ronin or forsaken for alittle bit. I started to ask about rankings etc from within Poison and started to explore zybez. From there, I initially didn't have a good opinion of you guys. Like I'm sure you're aware, I was basically told you guys put yourself into a shit position in the clan world and all that. The more I clanned, fought against you guys, and formed my own opinion, the more I respected you guys. So yes, some of my early zybez posts (namely rankings) were negative towards df, please don't consider me a rot fanboy. 10. Are you ready for warring/pking? (gear/stats/experience/knowledge about 07-warring-styles) Yes, I'm rusty in f2p but I'll be able to pick it back up quick. I have plenty of sets. 11. Estimate the time it will take you to be ready to apply for FA? (Minimum 1 week - community integration) I won't have a problem putting my past behind me and integrating with DF, but I'm guessing some people will still have a problem with me and I'll just have to work on winning them over. I think in a month everyone I meet will be fine with me. 12. Come clean. This section is for the confession or admission of anything which may cause a problem in you getting accepted. This includes any NH activities, hacking/scamming, spying/leaking, DDoSing or any other acts you feel may jeopardize your chance at getting in DF. If it is later found that you did not mention something significant here, you will be declined on suspicion of concealing it. -I was accused of stealing 250m from someone in Downfall. I didn't do it. Now that I've had awhile to forget about it/cool off, I'm not mad at how downfall treated me. I blame whoever is responsible for the GP but I get where the ranks were coming from with how they reacted. Although I want to make peace with them, they haven't really let that happen. What's done is done and it doesn't bother me anymore. -I was given a booter when I was in eop and ddosed people in SV after they defaced eop forums and posted everyone's IP on our own website. I put an ipgrabber on Sv's website and whoised people in IRC to get an idea where they were from to match an ip+general location with a name+general location. This was entirely out of game though, I never tried to ddos someone for items or to ruin their fights. I tried to target their ranks. Namely Elve and Hittin. From here, Hittin recruited me to SV. I regret taking part in any of that stuff and my time in SV. I never ddosed while in SV or since. The more I see ddosing, the more I regret playing a part in ruining clanning for other people. On top of that, I've been ddosed myself and I see how annoying it is. Please keep in mind this is something I did years ago, I'm not the type of person to do that anymore. -Leaking DK locs to Poison. 13. Is there anything else you would like to add? I don't have a great history but I really hope I'm given a shot in DF. If you're wary about me or just don't want me here, all I ask is you let me intro and hold your grievances for when I apply to FA. In the mean time, watch me and get to know me. I want to be here.
  7. Where's my 1.8M @Lilchris?

    everyone in df getting ele pets?
  8. Good Life Lesson

    this inspired me to play runescape 17 hours a day instead of 16
  9. Weirdest gift you've ever received

    my brother gave me coal irl for secret santa and then gave me 1k coal ingame that he mined himself when i was like 10
  10. 20 more

  11. They made me split this