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  1. [Updated]First time in 10 years +

    the dream of everyone 10 years ago, gratz
  2. VR Bar Fight

    out u go!!
  3. gratz, they made pp alittle easier anyway tho
  4. Maxed

    big gratz dude
  5. Ethereum/Bitcoin

  6. I can chop a big tree now!

    woot gratz, i cant wait for that myself
  7. Divine Forces Friday Night Loot

    Lol idk why it was a pvm death but i didnt mean to. I immediately noticed when I kept my flail though (5th item)
  8. Divine Forces Friday Night Loot

    no kill pic on me hehe
  9. Huge accomplishment

    Nice job
  10. What's your current goal(s) on RS?

    99 slayer, achievement diary cape, tbow
  11. If I was a billionaire i'd evade taxes too.
  12. Which Spider Man movie series is your favourite?

    Amazing spiderman had bad villian choices imo, they've all been worth watching though. I'm a fan of the marvel universe series so the newest ones have been my favorite, but the original spiderman movies got me into watching superhero movies at all. I think Netflix (-iron first) has done the best job overall with the superheroes.