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  1. Ancest top shirt

    Do you wear shirts on your bottom too? Gratz tho
  2. BTW

  3. 1000th raid and some looties

    shame but gratz nonetheless
  4. I single PK

    this must be fake
  5. Shit game #2

    lucky tbh
  6. 1 kc raid drop lmfao

    well that will help you do more raids
  7. Shit game

    better than maul at least
  8. Split or Steal?

    There's another video of someone doing that.
  9. Split or Steal?

    Steal is the logical choice. If you choose split, there's a 50/50 chance at 50k. If you choose steal, there's a 50/50 chance at 100k.
  10. click click click click click

    nice gratz
  11. Divine Forces Wednesday Workout

    gj df, WM pretty active lately
  12. smither

    gratz thats pretty sick
  13. 85 Fishing

    accounts looking good
  14. 2 more left

    gratz ive actually never chinned before
  15. Kodai Insignia