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  1. Which Spider Man movie series is your favourite?

    Amazing spiderman had bad villian choices imo, they've all been worth watching though. I'm a fan of the marvel universe series so the newest ones have been my favorite, but the original spiderman movies got me into watching superhero movies at all. I think Netflix (-iron first) has done the best job overall with the superheroes.
  2. Vegas Mass Shooting

    He bought semi automatic weapons. I think he either converted them to full auto or used some sort of external device to rapidly. Any gun that chambers a round after firing one can be converted to full auto. OT: Sadly I dont think we can do anything to prevent this sort of thing from happening. People are messed up.
  3. Desert Elite

    Dope gj
  4. Untitled

    first i have to listen to it on cl ts and now i have to see a topic about it on df forums smh
  5. Divine Forces PVM Competition Rundown

    insane month lol nice job
  6. Juicy Loot

    lol na just giving u a tough time
  7. Juicy Loot

    2 pics
  8. any clan that spams nice spies either doesnt have them or is braindead
  9. [Updated]Berserker Ring

  10. DF vs CL 9/24/17

    gj i own tho
  11. [Updated]Saradomin Hilt

    big money
  12. [Updated]Saradomin Hilty

    3.7m/hr each

    happy birthday ross
  14. Poly Intro

    Good luck buddy