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  1. Amazing finale. I got goosebumps when Sansa accused LF instead of Arya, and then when Arya slit that fuckers throat. Also, what's with that wall magic thing?
  2. Mayweather defeats McGregor

    Huge respect to mcgregor for performing well in his first ever boxing match, but mayweather was the clear winner towards the end
  3. Anotha wan

    What the fuck? Share rng pls?
  4. Divine Forces KILLING EVERYONE

    very impactful night out, gz
  5. Bigman

    damn asians excell at everything...
  6. Kodai

    gz on hitting tbow table
  7. me vs duel arena

    Ah yes grat on 99 prayer
  8. The universe

    Everything that exists has a creator/came from pre-existing things However, this leads to the conclusion that there was something in the beginning - and that is something the world will probably never figure out
  9. Possibly the best episode of the entire series, next to Battle of the Bastards and Red Wedding. It felt like they really rushed everything, but it all came together very nicely in the end. I'm excited to see how the undead will utilize Viserion
  10. pk25

    Big owner. Wanna practice bridding again?
  11. The deed is done.

    damn sinner
  12. U guys use a bidet?

    What's the point of that? Imagine showering without rubbing your body - it doesn't clean anything. You gotta get into the hole and clean the insides as well, ya feels
  13. i hate this game

    omg, lol. Very nice attempt, my pb is 47 That click was unfortunate af
  14. Rot ends their alliance with DI?

    Action is action