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  1. Fag has become the N word. It's perfectly fine when used between gays but god forbid a str8 man says it.... lol I have seen so many qays call each other fag or queer.
  2. Why is he complaining? He was inside the box and was ready for a pitch. He didnt give him a quick pitch. PS. Nowadays you have to be PC for everything. I remember in the 90s and early to mid 2000s you could dress like a woman for halloween or vice versa and nothing would happen. Now the LGBT community is in full force.
  3. I watched the whole season with my wife. We enjoyed it but sometimes the jokes feel a bit too forced. They are both great actors (from previous movies) but on this show they feel talent-less. I am not sure if that is how they were supposed to act. It's only 10 episodes tho. You should watch it
  4. What a shame. I liked Poison and considered joining them after I was kicked by THE. But Venomous is an idiot. He has friendly towards me and then all of a sudden he just starts flaming me. Every time his clan is headed in the right direction, he shits on it. I did admire their determination and ability to survive for so long. They never bend the knee.
  5. I see my postings there lol! Thank you for the nostalgia. That reminds me of how bad THE where. They are the Browns (NFL TEAM) of Runescape. The worst previous top clan in RS history. 2nd is Corr (I am kidding Zudegione!) Zude, those post show me doing all the commenting. Are you sure you are not confusing Crest with me? All jokes aside, this is 2017. Lets move on.
  6. Welcome! What a cute puppy a shame it died so young. Still have a good 4-5 years.
  7. TLDR; Actually, I read it all because I knew it would have TR history. It's a shame what had happened!
  8. I actually like it too. Both times I have ordered them recently, they didn't have. I am starting to hate beer but when I do, I prefer Dos XX. Great beer. Sadly it is Mexican and I support Trump!! If I want to dance and let lose, I go for Gin and Tonic or Vodkatonic. Whiskey sour is nice too.
  9. Why put Kylo Ren at the end like he is some badass? He is lame. Darth Maul should've been at the end.
  10. I doubt it. She has no clanning experience at all.
  11. Grats on the action. What really happened was that ROT told DI to close because they were getting too strong. Of course, DI took the knee and did as daddy Rot told them.
  12. I am glad you gave it a shot
  13. My wife is Chinese so we eat a lot of Tofu, Dogs and cats, etc (Kidding about the Dog and Cats). I do love mushroom and tofu tho. Plus, I am somewhat of a vegetarian or atleast I am trying to be. On topic: The food I hate... I don't think I have something that I really hate. I eat everything from Kimchi, Mustard, etc. I do hate IPA beer but that isn't a food.
  14. Who is this! An imposter! lol. I am kidding. Welcome to DF. This one of the better communities in RS. (Eventhough this means White Power)
  15. DI pulled 91 are don't want to fight ROT..... lol. They don't realize that ROT is putting fear on them so they can stay at #1. What a bunch of cowards.