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  1. Over the past few years I have made deodorant companies very rich lol. I used Speed Stick for a bit but the one that I buy now is Mitchum. Have used it for like 2 years.
  2. Looks interesting but I hate watching scary movies lol. I am not easily scared but I just hate it. The last scary movie I saw in a theater was the Grudge 3 (or was it 2). The one where the Japanese girl finished having sex and thinks her bf is underneath the covers.
  3. Never seen this movie.
  4. This is a no contest. If it were a MMA, maybe McGregor has a chance if Mayweather doesn't train the take down. Remember people, MMA uses 4oz gloves and boxers use 12oz. It may not seem like a difference but it is. Mayweather is much faster and hits harder eventhough he is always dancing. I dislike both men and I feel McGregor is over-hyped. He is fighting in a time where the lightweight division is weak. It can't compare to 2010-2013 when you had guys like Bj Penn, Edgar, etc.
  5. I am thinking about buying this game. How is it, do we have DF members that play this? If so, add me on PS4 dthrill89
  6. Movies I will say Marvel for now. DC hasn't made many movies. The Dark Knight movie was real good but Green Lantern lol. DC Animated movies are great. I am a DC fan. JL > Avengers.
  7. Terra Nova. I loved that show! Jericho was really good too.
  8. Which AOE2 you guys play? They have a few like the Conquerers, Rise of Rajas, etc.
  9. Do people still play AOE2 online?
  10. Pokemon Super Smash Bro COD 4 MW Rainbow 6
  11. I loved the first part a lot but I quit on the Story and just played online. I loved the style of online and how difficult it was. I must make a confession, in story I couldnt get past the building part where all the strong zombies were (forgot their names). I raged quit and never played story again.
  12. It got old for me yesterday. If you play Dominion or Skrimish, you get double teamed , triple teamed or play against people that play together and your team is utter garbage. If you play duels, you play with biatches that do the same things over and over. Such bs!
  13. I noticed in another thread that many people play AOE. I wonder how many of you still play Aoe3? I am currently playing a lot and I am an old player. Since 2009. My favorite civi in order are , Russian, Port, Ottoman and German. If you do play, add me online. My username is dthrill89
  14. Question, Did people actually play Red Dead Revolver? It isn't open world like Redemption but I loved it and it had a better story IMO. They had another one that was more open. I think it was called Gun?
  15. Madden Pokemon Rainbow Six CoD (before it got lame)