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  1. What is Ramadan?

    I respect your opinion, but my God is real, deal with it.
  2. What is Ramadan?

    Why it's so special It is the month in which the Holy Quran was revealed to the Prophet Mohammed. As a result, Ramadan is also known as the month to recite the holy text even more eagerly and with renewed dedication to completing the task. Muslims are encouraged to complete the full recitation of the Holy Quran at least once during the month. The fast It is mandatory for all Muslims upon reaching puberty, as long as they are mentally and physically sound. The elderly and chronically ill are exempt from fasting; however, it is incumbent upon them to feed the poor instead if they possess the financial means. A spiritual detox The fast is not simply about denying your body food and water. It also involves arguably the more taxing challenge of avoiding ill speech, arguments, loss of temper and malicious behavior. The whole point of the fast is to demonstrate submission to God and keep the mind focused on a spiritual plane. The benefits Patience, mercy, developed sense of self-control in areas including diet, sleeping and the use of time. Wish you all a blessed month full of prosperity, success and health.
  3. 2,000 Total - I win Stereomogga

    gratz bro, what an achievement
  4. Little Update

    keep it up:)
  5. 75 Smithy

    congratz bro
  6. DF vs Sovereign - CJ Tournament

    good job guys
  7. TBow

    mabrook yalla
  8. Just my type

  9. 1 week of training

    good job bro
  10. Progress on the pure

    nice build!
  11. how to clean the streamer FeelsGoodMan

    glad that you are cleaning this spastic
  12. GAINZ

    congratz bro