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  1. Waiting on a monitor that does 144hz at 4k resolution. This monitor is just a fill in for that, do have money on the side for a duel set up as well as another 1080 ti once it is better optimized for a 2 gpu performance. The cost for everything was a little over $4200.
  2. hey what else are you suppose to use for beer pong??
  3. The money we spend on our hobbies is crazy, isn't it?
  4. congrats man, whats your next goal?
  5. rip
  6. congrats
  7. cavs in 4
  8. No point re-opening if their goal is to just continue to be a jr clan for RoT. To let an outside clan run your clan, is both pathetic and a disgrace. Might as well just all intro to RoT and stop being pretenders.
  9. covers the cost of the bolts lost from that firecape? =D congrats
  10. congrats, task is boring as all hell though...almost as bad as kraken.
  11. this shouldn't need fixing, bad code to begin with. 2017 and still learning how to code rs, ffs.
  12. is it possible to be dumb as osrs? I shall give the benefit of the doubt.
  13. so the raid grind starts now?
  14. people are turning into emotional idiots. Bad parenting is the cause. That is all.
  15. the real question is will RoT make their jr clan go through applications or just auto accept them all. Find out in a week guys and gals.