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  1. people are turning into emotional idiots. Bad parenting is the cause. That is all.
  2. the real question is will RoT make their jr clan go through applications or just auto accept them all. Find out in a week guys and gals.
  3. Could knock out all his teeth and at most it would be 50k-100k to get implants put in all 4 quadrants.
  4. remember you from the days when Bk and RR had an alliance, always great to see some oldschool clanners come back to the game.
  5. Think DI is the only clan that actually gets permission from RoT when they can enter the wild. Pathetic how badly they are pissing on DI's legacy.
  6. It would still be an old car. It would be like replacing all major vital organs (minus the brain) in an 80 year old with those of a 20 year old. Sure the organs would be "young" but the marrows, veins, and muscles would still be old and decaying/blocked. The new organs (parts) wouldn't be as efficient in an old setting as they would in a new.
  7. Just some food for thought, urine is more sterile than tap water/running water unless you have a urinary tract infection. So in essence the water coming out of the shower head has a higher chance of giving you an infection from germs/parasites than your urine running over your feet. Granted they have done tests that show that women urine is less sterile than male which leads to incontinence or pain (a bacteria that lives/grow in the female bladder).
  8. damn nice, you guys seem to always be getting drops. If you ever want to teach someone who has all the gear and stats (minus 90 herb and a dwh) let me know =d
  9. and while this happaned RoT did what, oh yea they started a cry fest on reddit and training on dmm. #1 clan boys
  10. yea she is, but that is what they were going for with her. Sadly they over did it by a shit ton.
  11. to be fair the only did half a season of the anime, the manga was alot better.
  12. deathnote was damn near perfect, actually made you use your brain. Others are the typical popular shows like naruto, bleach, attack on titan, SAo, Claymore, berserk, dragonball z, pokemon, digimon, yugioh etc.
  13. That is like my gem collection on dota 2, wroth a few thousands but no safe way to exchange it out without getting scammed these days.
  14. congrats on training the worst skill in osrs.
  15. what a joke, eventually people will realize that RoT only has as much power as they give them themselves. Way to scared of the little dog with a big bark.