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  1. Gochance Intro x2

    Gochance, more like no chance.
  2. Alice woke up at 4am for this

    V Strong
  3. Beaver

    Ell01 for P mod
  4. Like the cool kids.

  5. Skeletal Visage

  6. saint_kilda

    Looking like a good trade for you guys, Sabonis will be solid in the future too.
  7. Heard Ila tanked 45 people for 3 minutes
  8. Straight banging.

    Better speech than Oprah's.
  9. [Accepted]Intro

    Hope there aren't any fights in total worlds!
  10. saint_kilda

    Victor Oladipo
  11. Big owner

    V nice owning
  12. Aestis

  13. Hello

  14. Grats Bahb

    Big gainer