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  1. like ross asked me to do

    haha good ole ross grats
  2. 99 craft

    GRATS MAN thats awesome
  3. [Accepted]Fosu Mensah - Intro

  4. DF vs Clan Europe + Elusive (Draw)

    thank you GF
  5. 126

    awesome congrats Miles
  6. Just some magic levels

    135k prob could be better though
  7. Just some magic levels

    Still no magic pet yet though
  8. Elusive vs Downfall 6/12/2017 [VID]

    gf gringoes
  9. ~embargo~

  10. 1993

    talk to me when youre 2k
  11. Beastykiller

  12. Do you member?

    lul yeah
  13. Do you member?

    I member
  14. DC movies vs Marvel movies

    both suck
  15. NEW JOB! i am so happy

    ayy! Congrats on your new job thats awesome!