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  1. Lmfao...
  2. For pussys who are bad at h1z1 nty
  3. Saw Murray tanking in the rainbow scarf Gratz df
  4. Please tell me you play games other than Runescape No 2nd monitor smh
  5. DDos'd me other day as well in edge but i wasn't skulled (dog cat11 was the rsn which has now double changed) Got this pm when my net came back on Shadow_X rushton88 Shadow_X are you VlRus Shadow_X and if so why you go afk Shadow_X mid fight rushton88 ur a fukin reject kid lmfao
  6. Vikings/The last kingdom are in my top 5
  7. Have the razor kraken but i would stay clear due to ear cups being really small and the headset itself is really tight on your head
  8. LMFAO get owned nerd
  9. puff
  10. Try runeloader/normal rs client as osbuddy uses the most cpu out of all the clients so its not good to use really. Delete your whole java and redl it but make sure you get the right one or itl never work properly
  11. Which rs client are you using? osbuddy?