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  1. 19 confirmed dead so far and 50 injured
  2. Yeah i live in greater manchester, girl on my fb who was there said the worst thing was people rushing out getting crushed etc
  3. Confirmed people have died Rumours it was hand grenade to possible balloons with gas in exploding or some shit
  4. grats
  5. nerd
  6. This guys a complete nerd
  7. Wish the noobs in edge would fight me
  8. Shame you will never show who you are lol
  9. hey qt want sum fuk?

  10. Dedicated guy gl lars
  11. I didnt post logs of rot members joining irc and them being little bum buddys because they will always be a little bitch clan and everyone knows it. Idk who you are or care if i'm honest so take a seat on rots cock
  12. Scars on hands from cuts while working on cars etc 3 scars on the back of my head from being KO'd by a motorbike when i was younger
  13. Do you think the new di will maintain loyalty to uncle rot? 'DI is reopening as a neutral clan' 'For all the other clan communities out there (involved in the crash or not), the next move is on you. Our leadership team should be easy to contact if you wish to discuss anything at all' 15,13 22:57 rushton8814• after reading that shit ass topic is obvious youre gunna be rots little cuck clan again 15,13 22:58 Victoria`• Lol this guy... 15,1323:00 11 Victoria`14• Big deal, matt posts on a topic... I think he's allowed to do that is he not? 15,13 23:00 11 rushton88 14• its obvious you talked so much shit about rot but this Di will be exactly the same as the old one 15,13 23:01 11 Victoria`14• K 15,13 23:01 11 Victoria`• But AF is still dead ya know, so... 15,13 23:01 11 Victoria`• TY 15,13 23:01 11 Pranati• what's wrong with rot lol 15,13 23:01 11 rushton8814• we closed with 80 on ts ye 15,13 23:01 11 Victoria` You closed because RoT killed you Quite clear they will and always will be little bitches Will they be a lasting clan or fizzle out quickly? Probably start recruiting off reddit again as no one with a brain will ever join that garbage clan lead by fucking olde nite? lmfao Will ghjjf live happily ever after? Ghjjf is a lad, i'm pretty sure he will enjoy his time away from rs
  14. Gratz
  15. They will always be rots little minion clan