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  1. What's your favorite "foreign" movies?

    I've seen it bro, it's really good.
  2. What's your favorite "foreign" movies?

    la vita e bella, oldboy, nobody knows, city of god
  3. what do you put in your hotdogs?

    all of the above, not too much of them either.
  4. Big Accomplish

  5. what color is THE DRESS

    old as fuck homie wtf
  6. i hate this game

    that sucks
  7. Tommy's Intro (Run To GDZ/Chesty)

    good intro, gl.
  8. DF vs Vintage 8/16/17

    good shit
  9. Americans...

  10. The big 100

    good shit
  11. Divine Forces celebrates 12 years

    Big dawgs, 12 years is a big one.