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  1. Going to need a surgery on my back. This will happen next month. Dont know how this will do on my application progress, so dont know if I should wait with this or to continue. @Jelle pm me your suggestions or something, will be on irc later today or tomorrow.
  2. Got some news, but wont be home untill monday. Stay tuned lads
  3. Hi guys

    Lol 'best poster', bunch of analphabetics
  4. Jagex will have to find another way to fund rot now. Means they can invest that 20k into the servers now?
  5. What a grind...

    and we still not done.
  6. Canada vs Murica: who wins?

    if trump sees this, u are done for
  7. 10 more to go

    nice man
  8. Average Ranged Level: 99

    I like the quality uniform you found for this big achievement, inspiration found at the local FSK store? gz niggah
  9. Decca 4 Hunny

    Gl mate
  10. [Updated]8/38 Smoke Devil

    Going ham on the pets nice
  11. Roast me