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  1. Divine Forces Sunday Sweep

    Idk, when I have more free time/motivation. Ill never turn my back on DF, ill always be around
  2. Divine Forces Sunday Sweep

    killin it
  3. Strong gains again btw

    good shit bro
  4. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn
  5. Giant Squirrel

    did you actually send out a forum wide alert for this lmao! Grats dude
  6. New pet :D

    thats sick, comgrats!
  7. Classic Jagex: Max Cash Bug

    $11 lmfao
  8. should have gotten this a while ago :o

    oh....I need to finish that too
  9. only took 2 months

    not bad man, keep it up
  10. Road trip advise pls Americans

    Atlanta maybe, Savannah GA maybe... but hey, if you go to the north east hit me up
  11. Ghrazi Rapier

    what the fuck is this shit