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  1. EASY

  2. Quest to 99 Slayer.

    Best of luck dude, keep it up
  3. Divine Forces Revenant Swan Song

    Mother of God you have been killing it recently
  4. [Accepted]Seb's intro

    nice to meet you
  5. Finnish savagery in action

  6. 96 Farming

    well done
  7. Smashed it

  8. Divine Forces STAGGERING Saturday

    Thats a lot of loot!
  9. Divine Forces Rev Cave Dominance

    mother of GOD! those are a lot of juicy kills. love a good dom.
  10. Is water wet

    its like 100% wet
  11. First arma item on the iron

  12. Are you wet under water?

    I mean... wet is just a deviation from your usual dry on land. So id say you're not wet under water, you're just not dry
  13. Past week or so

    sick gains