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  1. This is great

  2. Thx birdo

  3. Is it worth it?

    yeah man, it would be good to see you around again
  4. Hi guys

    hey bro
  5. lols sara pet

    45 kills?! FUCK MY LIFE IT TOOK ME LIKE 2000
  6. Scorpia Pet!

    so many pets recently, well done pato!
  7. We dont want this bitch - bees

    skin crawling
  8. [Updated]2x Archers Ring

    that god damn luck, well done.
  9. [Updated]BCP

  10. Kneeling Protest

    Honestly its what our men died for. Freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of political affiliation. The only people tarnishing the memory of those who fought and died for those freedoms are those who try to snuff out their legacy.
  11. Roast me

    10 years ago I joined DF. Proud to have been with you guys for a decade, thanks for all the good memories.
  12. [Updated]Berserker Ring