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  1. fuck no, i know where her mouth has been
  2. Allah Snackbar
  3. damn you guys been kiling it at raids
  4. I read this after smoking the fattest blunt and almost discovered mathematical equations describing the inception of the known universe.
  5. Who's DI? Never heard of her.
  6. grtz bro
  7. very nice!
  8. 1 more bro
  9. Let me tell you about my 1st sleep over. I was 13 and went over to sleep over my boy Joel's house who's mom is bad ass fuck, big booty puerto rican milf. On God I wanted to be his step dad so I can hit that. It would be so live for my nigga Joel to also be my son. When it was about bed time, I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth when I saw some sexy panties hanging on the shower rod. I assumed they belonged to Joel's mom. I'm a weirdo so at this point I began to get turned on. Don't judge, I was young and horny so I decided to sniff them thinking its going to be sexy. I put my nose dead on the kitty part and that's where I fucked up.... That shit smelled like sardines and sins. I took a step back and looked.... niggas mom had a gravy stain looking like a Mario Kart drift mark. My eyes began to tear in agony. Not even satan could manifest such a scent. On God I cried that night. I had to call my mom to pick me up and never did another sleep over again. True story.