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  1. Laziest thing you've done

    when I was a kid, I had this disgusting habit or pissing in empty bottles.
  2. Haircut

    low fade, 3 up top, line up with the beard
  3. Weird Food Combinations?

    white rice with fried egg
  4. For any fans of the Art

    great scenes but here are my some of my personal favorites...
  5. Mobile Q&A

    This will get so many people fired from their jobs, kids phones taken at school and cause many car accidents... As if RS hasn't already consumed so many lives...
  6. Do you eat healthy?

    man dont lie you see the food my wife be making me... she a chef at the kitchen
  7. Do you eat healthy?

    for the most part yes, cheat once or twice a week
  8. What tilts you irl?

    people talking with food in their mouth people trying to talk to me early morning before I've had coffee people that talk a lot and wont stfu
  9. What is your favorite party game (or board game)?

    no board games but we either play a lot of dominoes ( puerto rican thing ) or card games like spades, wiz or poker
  10. 8/26/2017

    thank you
  11. 8/26/2017

  12. Divine Forces vs Vitality

    good shit
  13. my intro

  14. Most memorable fight?

    Micky Ward vs. Arturo Gatti I May 18, 2002 - INSANE