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  1. slayer is worth

    Yikes mate congrats!
  2. The embargo, one month later

    Active eh?
  3. Checkmate

    I don't understand.
  4. Thursday Night Shenanigans

    Nice PKs!
  5. [Declined]ArrowJules re-Intro

    I like this cus of drop parties, gl.
  6. 200M Total

  7. History of your RSN

    Slaughter cus I thought they game was about killin noobs (I was right). 17 because it is my number in hockey and my DOB. Vanuckle cus it's what my mom called fans of the Canucks which is my local NHL team. Made it on Urbandictionary to let everyone know whats up.
  8. Base 50

    No time to learn to spell! Nothin' gets handed to me! I work for everythin I got! You right. We ain't done yet!
  9. Base 50

    My mom: Take a break Me: I don't get breaks I be out here grindin I be out chasin my drams while she out loungin #RiseandGrind
  10. Primordial Crystal #2

    Good work bud.
  11. CJ P2P full out & 20v20: DF vs Justice

    Nice work!
  12. DF vs Sovereign - CJ Tournament

    Gj fellas!
  13. Sup

    Hey dude.