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  1. Bless

    Went to hike and camp at this trending spot in Arizona this last week. Shit was brutal hiking at 115 degree weather for 10 miles with 40-50 pound backpacks, was worth it in the end tho!
  2. Beastykiller

    Lol your fake. You'll probably bend the knee as soon as you get the pm's from ROT soliciting you to spy. GL tho
  3. Photography?

    Anyone into photography? Yes What kind of camera do you have? Point and shoot? DSLR? I have a DSLR Canon T6s, it's really great for a entry level camera if you're just starting out. Any Canon EOS rebel series are good honestly and if youre only doing it as a hobby then this is more than enough. The price for those are also reasonable if you don't feel like spending 1G+ What lenses do you have? My camera came with the standard 35-135mm telephoto lens. It's a great all around lens honestly and it's my go to. I also have a 50mm portrait lens for close up shots. For landscape shots i had a 14mm Rokinon wide angle lens but i found myself not using this as much as i heavily relied on my telephoto. What subject matter? During the summer time, i like to do landscape shots. Where i live, there's alot of beautiful waterfalls here as well as hikes with very rewarding view. Otherwise if it isn't summer time i usually just shoot portraits in the city. I really only do it for fun though and sometimes if i see someone asking for something that i think i'm able to do, i offer them my services. But for the most part i just do it to flex on the gram. ~There are alot of good options out there if you are just getting into photography whether it be a Canon or Nikon cameras or those point of shoot cameras which are now actually on par with DSLR's. Is this something that you're just going to do for fun or do you perhaps see yourself taking it seriously later on and hopefully do it as a side job?
  4. Emily for 50m

  5. #embargo What? Good shit boys
  6. visage :)

  7. Nobody invited me to this dam drop party
  8. im salty i missed this shit
  9. GG ballistas, good stuff guys
  10. Ancestral Robe Top

    rich niggas
  11. Some no arm

    nice kills