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  1. lmao rip dannys bow!!
  2. ref
  3. 100 vs 98 CJ Champs.. Cleared fsk off the world? Honestly were neck and neck with rot when it comes to p2p. UNK had bigger balls than fsk
  4. DF might be the greatest P2P clan OF ALL TIME!!!
  5. kiss me bob kelso
  6. xposa xposa df is out in p2p come hit them!! - @Matrix when he was still in DF
  7. DF's first Twisted Bow!!
  8. fag
  9. rip rene
  10. Real shit out of VR and DI whos more "dead" the world will never know..
  11. LMAO eat shit di faggots!!
  12. DI about to blame it on Russia hackers and trolls lmao!!