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  1. Legolas

    good shit
  2. good shit niggas
  3. Divine Forces Monday Mingle

    ila in ruins!
  4. looked like another clean fight
  5. pk video 29

    sign my mouse pad!!
  6. 5 more

  7. was a fun scrap some kills no deaths
  8. [Updated]1 in 1500 drop btw

    decent face
  9. Divine Forces Friday Late Night

    Wanted to stay later but i had to go to bed because i had the next morning
  10. Grats me haha

    but why.. crafting.. grats nig
  11. [Updated]Dex

  12. This Side - PK Video

    would fucking rinse you in a 1 vs 1
  13. got myself the hardest pet to get

    hope you fall down the tree lmao idiot grats buddy
  14. get 6th pet - Bloodhound

    gj howie you fucking pleb
  15. [Updated]oh shit pray

    gj son
  16. Divine Forces Monday PeeKay

    you niggers pk to much the fuck