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  1. who the fuck loses a staff in 2018???????????? lmao not me!!
  2. Classic Jagex: Max Cash Bug

    jagex is fucking retarded
  3. A great man once said.. I almost drowned in the pussy.. so i swam to her butt. That great man was Lil Wayne. Yawn.. youre ez cash.
  4. dead at vr shitters trying to kill me when they have 10 people on me but couldnt get me to 75hp lmao idiots
  5. Divine Forces Saturday Sweep

    good shit
  6. Galhas10

    great more Portuguese monkeys thanks danielf
  7. Divine Forces Tueday PK ft. Jaja

    ekstra with the clutch save!!
  8. Iron memed (3rd raid drop)

    nice iron man shitter
  9. I AM THE FEMALE WOOX!!@#@!!!@#!@$@#!#@!@

    hyenas win again!!! gays in ruins!!!
  10. Morphin HG App

  11. Got the New Cape

    why didnt you wait for me you fucking idiot
  12. Divine Forces vs Renegades

  13. Violent Resolution For 25M

    pay homage you scrubs hyena the originals of this shit!!
  14. Divine Forces Wednesday Peekay

    bullied di into closing lmao so easy
  15. di close ~.~

    ghjff rolling in his grave right now
  16. Collin's Intro

    the new colon?
  17. DF P2P PK 5/16/18

    turn ff off
  18. Hey Guys

    sit on my face loulou!
  19. thats some good shit right there
  20. Divine Forces Monday Casual

    good shit boys