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  1. Headsets

  2. What tilts you irl?

    People standing in an aisle while shopping who see you trying to get past them and they dont move. People who complain about not having a job but dont even try looking for jobs. When people come into my room and then leave later but dont close the door. Cancelling a commitment at the last minute. Not getting Twisted Bows every raid we do. Family/friends asking me when im getting married every time they see me. My mum asking every day if I have work today even though I explained my entire work week to her the night before.
  3. I was more intrigued by Littlefingers reaction when he saw Arya fight with Brianne of Tarth (whatever it is) and his reaction when Bran said "Chaos is a ladder". I've watched so many TV shows and I have to say that I've never been so excited about an episode of a series like this one. Also the guy who tackled Jamie into the water, was that Bronn or Dickon.
  4. Never lucky volume 3

    What Joes shard?
  5. Bloody Theon lol. Pretty much whats gonna happen imo is that Euron obviously will hand them to the Lannisters for interrogation and learn of the plan Daenrys has. Also curious to see what happens now that Jon Snow warned Littlefinger to stay away from Sansa.
  6. Favourite/Most Anticipated films of 2017?

    Looking forward to Thor.
  7. u take cold showers?

    Warm showers. In summer Warm aswell but sometimes when im almost done I just put on cold for like 10-15 seconds for that cool feel if that makes sense.
  8. Most emotional on screen death?

    7 pounds suicide scene.
  9. Black Panther Trailer

    Looking forward to this. Trailer looks awesome.
  10. No longer a leech!

    Nice firelighters.
  11. What are your favorite video game series?

    Pokemon - Only Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold and Silver. After that dont care. Counter Strike Age of Empires Total War - Only played Shogun and Rome Command and Conquer Dota > HoN > LoL > Dota 2, played/play these alot. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Underground 1 and 2.
  12. Really makes you think

  13. Surprise

    Congratulations Kristin.
  14. A message to all DF