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  1. Stranger Things Season 2 Final Trailer

    Looking forward to this.
  2. Tangleroot

    Gratz Dude.
  3. Would you sign a prenup?

    Trust no bitch.
  4. Vegas Mass Shooting

    So he killed more than 50 people. Is this not an act of terror? Saw the news last night over here and none of the American news outlets mentioned the word. Instead they labeled him "Lone Wolf". Thoughts and prayers with the victims families.
  5. Apple announce new iPhone 8 + iPhone X

    AHaha Vodafone in australia gonna have a field day with their new plans.
  6. 99 Strength!!!

    Hello from the other side Jim
  7. [Updated]Twisted Buckler

    Now your counter is reset to 0 Murray.
  8. [Updated]Robe top

    Easy GP
  9. Myanmar Pending Genocide

    Its against muslims. Nothing to see here. Read the next article.
  10. Did i say 1 off? sorry

  11. [Updated]Incest hat

    Never lucky
  12. Ali 'The Hunny Guest'

  13. WOO, made it!

    Well Done.
  14. Headsets

  15. What tilts you irl?

    People standing in an aisle while shopping who see you trying to get past them and they dont move. People who complain about not having a job but dont even try looking for jobs. When people come into my room and then leave later but dont close the door. Cancelling a commitment at the last minute. Not getting Twisted Bows every raid we do. Family/friends asking me when im getting married every time they see me. My mum asking every day if I have work today even though I explained my entire work week to her the night before.