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  1. Got 2 surgical scars. 1 on my right eye brows about 3cm long. 2nd on my head. From front top of my head to the back of my right ear 15cm long. No hair there so when I cut my hair a bit short its very visible.
  2. Me during that raid since I missed the first raid.
  3. 4 fucking twisted bows ive missed out on. I have great timing to sitout of 1 raid to either eat or just take a break. Kill me now.
  4. Anyone wanna take a guess who that is?
  5. He is Global Elite. Played with him.
  6. WTF is that inventory setup.
  7. Lets just say I had people ask me questions like "Why is Walmart called Walmart?" If the store is open 24/7, why was it closed for 15minutes. Stupid questions mostly.
  8. Abu the Monkey King 

    1. Encore


      It was havik. He changed it when I first joined.

  9. Aye lmao. We need to do this more often. Fun af
  10. Like Danny said. Lots of strange DF names.
  11. MURICA!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Gratz on the primordial crystal Miles.
  13. Grats on 67 Runecrafting.