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  1. Looking forward to this. Trailer looks awesome.
  2. Nice firelighters.
  3. Pokemon - Only Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold and Silver. After that dont care. Counter Strike Age of Empires Total War - Only played Shogun and Rome Command and Conquer Dota > HoN > LoL > Dota 2, played/play these alot. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Underground 1 and 2.
  4. Congratulations Kristin.
  5. Once again while eating.
  6. Easy $
  7. LOL
  8. Got it easy lol. Hardest part for me now is not losing my temper on ts.
  9. gratz mate.
  10. Fucking guests. I hate my life sometimes.
  11. Calisto 2 - Neg 0
  12. Got 2 surgical scars. 1 on my right eye brows about 3cm long. 2nd on my head. From front top of my head to the back of my right ear 15cm long. No hair there so when I cut my hair a bit short its very visible.