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  1. Stranger Things Season 2 Final Trailer

    Really looking forward to this.
  2. become DF leader and make DF great again

  3. Boy/Girl Scouts

    It’s probably a good thing but dunno why people are making such a big deal. Sexism is still rife so socialising little boys and girls together is a good thing
  4. Dexterous Prayer Scroll Trio

    how about u raid with df u nonce
  5. Hi guys

  6. Is it worth it?

    sad how many men would rejoin clans if the clan world wasnt full of retards lol
  7. Arcane prayer scroll

  8. Is it worth it?

    ^ Clan world is fuckin shit lol and all the "clans" are retards The game itself is ok and I enjoyed playing it with DF when I came back.
  9. Dex

    Gz 4ner
  10. Hi guys

    The theory of nothing