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  1. I watched the leak version. Hope we get to see Jon ride a dragon this series. Kinda blows out peoples theories that Tyrion is a Targaryen and will ride a dragon too. I wonder if the ice dragon will breathe ice instead of fire?
  2. Just another quick poll about poker

    DF members only soz
  3. The time has come......

  4. Divine Forces celebrates 12 years

    8 years strong
  5. Jeff HG app

    Sup daddy
  6. Santiagog Intro

    Yo bruv
  7. Neymar left barcelona

    Decent topic for once
  8. Bjbsk8er2

    Remember you from back in the day Welcome
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  10. first personal...

    Did @Bob Kelso ask for a share? Grats!
  11. Top boss kill counts

    Q3 not even close on zulrah lmao
  12. Happy birthday Jim!

    Have a sick day Jim
  13. They made me split this

    @Bob Kelso begging for pennies lol
  14. I believe so yes. Sexism is still institutionalised and changing things like this, helps with the cause of feminism.