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  1. Lowest points gets drop

    @Branflakez sick of ur shit.
  2. Bjbsk8er2

    You're a fucking retard and I actually kind of miss you. Welcome back!
  3. Or instead, how about we just make Higher Education accessible for everyone who chooses to better themselves, rather than having to foster some kind of secondary system that forces a form of competition? Secondary Education is supposed to be about the free expansion of knowledge, and anyone who chooses to use it should be able to. Will some people get into more prestigious universities than others? Sure, private institutions will still have their selective processes, but public state based non-profit universities (Not just community colleges) should be accessible to the public, and not just those that are financially better off. We live in a society of capitalist upwards momentum, where people in the bottom that are poor or disadvantaged have less of a chance at bettering themselves and improving their lives because they are more financially disadvantaged than others. What if the cure for cancer was locked away in the mind of an individual who absolutely cannot afford to go to school? People who don't have access to education and access to career choice will, more times than not, never reach their full potential.
  4. Describe the person above you in one word

    That's two words. And it's spelled "professional." Dumb.
  5. Claws pk

    Claws drop no smite? Was this kid brain dead? Nice going.
  6. Divine Forces Sunday

    Doesn't look like the embargo is affecting you too much! Keep at it.
  7. rg + augury

    No Chivalry/Piety but you have Augury? What the fuck is your problem?
  8. #fiberfridays

    I'm trying to find the post where anyone asked...
  9. 1 Week of Ironman Progress

    Haha Ironmemes.
  11. Breakfast Club
  12. Emily for 50m

    Easily one of the largest attention whores on both twitch/runescape.
  13. Got one of the rarest pets in the game

    Really not as rare as you might think but congrats all the same.
  14. Based rex

    Congrats/fuck yourself.