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    nice! Share i tbed
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    i need to come and make some loot
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    grats! Thats the next goal for me
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    Real life name: Alex Original & current RSN: Original was Scampr, but that account was perm banned in 2010. My Rsn is Ultema since then. Clan history: I have been clanning for a very long time so i am sure that i may miss a clan, but I will List those i remember. Dark Dragon Breath (and Remakes) Forgotten Templars Deathrow Outcast Envy Solace (1 Month) Genesis Divine Forces Who are your 10 referrals? Rene IMK Stevenidoom Encore Bob True 2k8 SSJ Romeo De_Mechelaar Vladi_X Are you willing to be active on our forums? Yes, i am willing to be active on forums. Why do you wish to be closer to our community? I was part of DF for awhile, and am just now coming back to runescape. I would like to make sure i stay around the community and get to know those that I don't know while being around those i had my most fun in RS. Also if i am able to be active in the future i am going to reapply for membership. Do you use our IRC or TS? If not, why? Yes, i use both although i am not as active on TS because i don't always want to keep my headset on. Anything else? I do not believe there is anything else other than the fact SSJ is a newb, and AR07 is better than him.
  10. Looks like loot was made. I need to join in on this.