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  1. wut happened big guy

  2. Divine Forces celebrates 12 years

    so proud of you guys, thank you to everyone that has kept df going
  3. Divine Forces vs Ellie-usive

    happy to see this guys, keep it up
  4. Slayer will never be the same

    super cool guyz
  5. where did i post that i didnt want to post on forums? i said Are you willing to be active on our forums? Ya i mean i'll come on once in awhile, there isn't much in guest forums to post about but sure
  6. First post as guest

    bro bro how do i get inactive rank
  7. Clan World - Runescape

    I love it, I love it!
  8. First post as guest

    sup i hope you enjoy your stay rsd though... I mean hey dude have a good day! what upppppp, u cool we cool
  9. First post as guest

    well then ad me? (idk your real name though)
  10. I never left though. i got guested when they took away the retired rank hi young guy wussuuuuuh ? thx thanks dude i will need it
  11. Hey dude i hope you are doing well! hey man you're the homie Wuts gooood
  12. First post as guest

    sure you like eating donuts?
  13. First post as guest

    bro thanks for the backup, you deserved auto hunny guest more than me!