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  1. Puberty hit Gendry hard (hammer is dope) Cersei is lying about being pregnant
  2. Expeditious and Slaughter bracelet?

    Always use for bursting nechs
  3. what a day

    Gains on gains on gains
  4. Twisted Bow 4 Men

    Congrats 1%er
  5. Beaver

    Where can I buy a ticket to the Bob Kelso Zoo?
  6. First 99 and more

    Thank you @Iaya513 for dueling with me and @SB Havoc for motivating me for the race to 99 hp. Cheers! (So happy )
  7. Kinda excited to see Arya's next move
  8. Claws pk

    Was he taking a wank?
  9. They made me split this

    Don't focus on the negatives
  10. 99 Thieving

    Grats Jelle!
  11. Divine Forces Sunday

    Mad lootations
  12. Never lucky either

    Little jelly!
  13. First item

    Gotta be a good feeling, congrats
  14. DC vs Bones

    LMFAO that was brutal