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    That would never do , congrats though
  2. Weirdest gift you've ever received

    It's definitely become a thing now but who doesn't love a box of lynx deodorant for Christmas
  3. Weirdest gift you've ever received

    Great banter
  4. Divine Forces GMT Pk Ft. Vitality, UnK

    Looks fun , nice one lads
  5. Divine Forces celebrates 12 years

    12 years and still going strong , impressive lads
  6. Scorpia's Offspring

    Fair play , 22 pets?! Quite the accomplishment
  7. king slayer

    Crazy RNG , nice one though
  8. Long awaited return of the EPL

    Arsenal 4 - Leicester 3 Watford 3 - Liverpool 3 Chelsea 2 - Burnley 3 To say every game involving a top 6 side so far has been entertaining would be an understatement , long may it continue! (Shame Leicester bottled it last night) Although I can't wait for the team I support , Man United , to kick off the season with a 0-0 draw tomorrow #GGMU
  9. My 180m cape

    No longer need house tabs , it'll pay off in the "long run" , Congrats though
  10. Premier League Fantasy Football 17/18

    It does but don't underestimate the value of clean sheets
  11. Complete prayer book!

    Nicely done man
  12. Where's Chris' pet this time

    Luck is on point , took me like 600 kc for my 1st shard , decided to start camping them off task as I knew I was due one :L One step close to rigour though
  13. 95 Mining

    Closing in on that max cape , gls
  14. @Branflakes - Bow

    I think I've lost count of how many raid loots I've seen lately , congrats though
  15. 99 Firemaking