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  1. Woox actually fucking does it

    Really impressive tbf, fair play to him

    Don't try laugh it off , smh though
  3. 1750 Total

    Congrats , road to 2k starts now
  4. Its me Chin

  5. Loot from 300 barrows chest (im) (btw)

    Interesting to see, could be worse/better as you said
  6. NHL 18

    Yeah I had the 360 but chose PS4 as my next gen console. PS4 finally have legends on FUT so it's only a matter of time before you switch along with everyone else
  7. NHL 18

    Wouldn't happen to have a cheeky PS4 , would you?
  8. 90 Slayer

    Well you just got a d chain Could be same task , I don't know but congrats though , 9 to go!
  9. Few Random Gains Today

    Bored so you go skilling? Controversial haha Congrats though
  10. Vegas Mass Shooting

    A man opening fire and spraying down on a concert crowd from the 32nd floor of a hotel , genuinely sounds like something from a movie ... Absolutely crazy Scary how many of these events keep occurring lately ..
  11. Gaming Computer/Laptop advice

    Spent like 2 years bridding on a particular rsps when EOC came out on rs2 using a desktop and I was so good .. Eventually the rsps closed, desktop kinda gave up on me too .. Some time later I bought a laptop when I started uni and decided to train up an osrs account so I could freely login to pk whenever I want ( mainly brid ). Whilst I recognize hybrids are so much better on osrs compared to back in the day, I genuinely struggle to compete at the highest level when it comes to bridding using a laptop, especially if I was to nh (I'm not a bad hybrid but I'm nowhere near as good as I use to be) . My theory is it's a lot easier to hybrid/nh with a keyboard where everything is more spaced out I guess than a small confined laptop keyboard , I genuinely don't know :L P.S I don't use some crazy gaming laptop or mouse , just a normal laptop that can run osrs smoothly and a mouse that probably cost like 5 euro , but my desktop setup was the same , nothing fancy.
  12. Came across this video earlier on , last clip looks so rigged .. I've never played DMM but I do know it's an extreme grind that requires a lot of work/time to build up your account, all that effort down the drain because a simple ddos? Pretty demotivating and pathetic.
  13. What a grind...

    But you're almost done , gls on the max cape grind
  14. [Updated]8/38 Smoke Devil

    Congrats , only 30 more to go