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  1. Profit Puppy

    You seem to freak out on every drop in the cc. Would of muted you after the second one.
  2. Clutch fire cape :) (ironman)

    Trouble brewing mini game is harder
  3. Most memorable fight?

    When df was #1 and we lost to vr on a Saturday and they claimed number 1. Next day we fought again and they ended in 3 hours. Raped
  4. yes

  5. 99 problems

    Gimme money
  6. wow dex

    fake news
  7. Pikachu

  8. death note clip netflix

    looks stupid. hope they weren't trying to do originality because the shit is based in japan, not the us. fucking white people.
  9. Slayer tasks to skip and block

    I do every fucking task because I'm not a bitch I blocked mutated zygomites and kalaphites until I can do kalaphite queen
  10. Anonymous Community - Promo Video

    fake and gay
  11. Hello

    sup man good to see yea sup