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  1. Loot from 2,000 herb boxes

    u have that good shit i see
  2. are you your parent's golden child?

    4 sisters, 0 brothers. In traditional Asian families males are greatly cherished. I wouldn't say I'm spoiled and am the favourite but my sisters still can't stay out past midnight LUL
  3. big gains on runescape

    ggez bro
  4. 1750 Total

    diggin all the even stats
  5. Woot

    nice work bro
  6. OSRS Mobile

    im lagging already just thinking about it
  7. @Kaifor Rookie of the Year no srsly tho @Romeo posts some quality shit he's my idol
  8. Have you ever played a Runescape private server and led a pure clan by any chance?

    1. Boss Anthony

      Boss Anthony

      Uh I have not led a pure clan I think you have me mistaken for Bob_Kelso or IMK

    2. Kai


      Maybe, back on 2specced/Battlescape one of my leaders for Annihilation went by Anthony

    3. Boss Anthony

      Boss Anthony

      Ah that wasn't me but maybe it was Bob_kelso or IMK they have used my name on pservs

  9. Good Sounds =] check please

    good ol KHS rip christina grimmie never 4get
  10. DF vs Vintage 7/16/17

    I appreciate your refreshing music taste
  11. that's pretty sick, good shit bro
  12. Association Game

  13. Yay

    grats man
  14. bie boe

  15. What tilts you irl?

    People who don't understand the difference between "could care less" and "couldn't care less"