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  1. Divine Forces celebrates 12 years

    HBD guys! im very proud to be here!
  2. Dolphins... im not expecting much from them.
  3. Super Bowl Championship Predictions

    If Denver AND ->IF<- Trevor Siemien plays their full football, im fully positive about them. Dallas is a strong team aswell.
  4. Bjbsk8er2

    remember your name from RSD, welcome to our boards
  5. Lannisters beating the shit out of Danerys and her people in war...Sun Tzu tatics all the way lmao Danerys is Johns Aunt and not his sister. and Like Melissandre said: "she brought fire and ice together"; almost sure that John is Azor Ahai and Danerys is Nissa-Nissa...John will need to kill Danerys to light up the sword in order to kill the Night King. well, at least in this episode we saw John and Danerys seeing each other as more then just peaces at someone/something puzzle and it will lead into a relationship wich will give a lot ot audience for sometime and will explode people minds when he needs to kill her in order to save "the seven kingdoms"
  6. Divine Forces Sunday

    GJ all
  7. Ancestral Robe Top

    GJ vlad
  8. Onyx FFA

    gratz mate
  9. When you're tired of DESPACITO

    fucking despacito
  10. 126

    gratz mate! keep it up!
  11. Wootkins

  12. Mole

    well done lad
  13. Flynn :-DD

    hello Flyn