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  1. GF VNG and thx for the pratice rounds
  2. is just me or vlad is really good in this game? loved it
  3. Introduction Fietsenhok

    hello mate best of luck and make sure you make some friends! =D
  4. hey sorry wrong intro l0l

    Welcome to our boards Henry
  5. How do you eat Burger & Fries

    Fries then burguer. anything different from that is totally bullshit
  6. Hunny guest app

    Sup Dale! best of luck buddy and welcome back home
  7. xd guys

    eae marolinha! saudades sdds noiz
  8. Master Chef

    gz dave
  9. Zybez Winter Tournament!

    hope it goes well
  10. [Accepted]Eli Introduction

    Hope you prove everyone here is wrong (myself included) about a long run and etc... Best of Luck.
  11. DMM final plottwist

    dude, what?
  12. 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia - Final draw

  13. Hello

    Welcome mate!