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  1. Galhas10

  2. Describe the person above you in one word

    a russian pal
  3. best ruenscper 2018

  4. #VR_Leaders leaks [2016 onwards]

    great leaks imo
  5. Mattttheww Intro

    sup mate welcome to DF
  6. King Smiffy

    sup Smiffy! nice to know u mate
  7. I lost the game

    sup Josh, your name rings a bell
  8. Community intro

    Sup Ollie
  9. Hello Everyone

    wb Scott ive heard about u
  10. Progress 1 month in.

    GJ Dennis keep it up
  11. Made it to a month.

    legend! Ref if need
  12. StroganoffBf

    Sup mate!
  13. James

    Sup James Welcome
  14. Gochance Intro x2

    Sup Tim Welcome to DF
  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOCKEY :) !!!!!@!

    HBD Hockey