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  1. What will it take?

    i feel like you've never seen a pic of the fuhrer
  2. Poison closes

    no not ron jesus christ
  3. EoS is back

    rip rouseys career
  4. Supplements

    I just eat a fuk ton of food tbh
  5. Supplements

    This without the dextrose
  6. Association Game

    true 2k8
  7. Drugs

    i see quad kyle voted heroin
  8. Noob with Questions

    I am a member of divine williams, we are a group of people who are big supporters of the work of William the conqueror. We communicate by editing the "early life" section of his wikipedia page.
  9. Decent gaming mouse for $4

    Doesn't even have 12 buttons
  10. what is history's most dominate empire?

    It'd be the mongols had the lasted longer, but they were only around for a little over 150 years. Rome managed to keep things together for over 800 years (longer if you count the eastern and western empires, which I don't). Nobody else in history has come close to the level of control they had over such a vast empire, especially for the time period they managed to hold it together for.
  11. Jagex are releasing RSNs

    hey its me let me know if quad kyle is available
  12. Designated Survivor

    I like Sutherland but I heard it's a bit of a mess, may still check it out though
  13. also its been like 8 months ive been on these forums learn to spell swear holy shit bruh