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  1. [Updated]Best crystal

    congratulations good karma you way
  2. 1st time Zammy

    It was a fun first time experience. Will be doing some more. Loots:
  3. [Updated]Sara Hilt

    i love getting that sara hilt drop.
  4. [Updated]Can i join?

  5. [Updated]Same

    theeee jjjaaaaayyyyssss
  6. Divine Forces P2P PK Ft. Jaja

    jaja got it handed to them.
  7. 70m

    happy chipper
  8. do you like driving?

    yh im speed happy
  9. Canelo vs GGG Results

    ggg was forced into canelos tempo. canelo controlled ggg the entire fight. seeing ggg can't hurt canelo, he jabbed for pounts but didn't follow upon the jab. that explains the 118-110. draw was best decision.
  10. the greatest conspiracy of our time

    i get my brown eggs from my dads ranch & white eggs from the supermarket
  11. JK about my RNG

    LOL what you trying say?! lololol