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    I think so, I was in Dragonwood since like 2005 to 2011 Economics and Finance for 4 years, had to change it up recently to just Gen Ed with business minor. Fucked my GPA up 2 terms in a row which led to the change =/. My bad about double post, forgot that I can multiquote.
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    Let me join your cc, ya damn scrub
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    TNT is a PvM clan I've been in for a few years. Thanks everyone
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    From Philly too?
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    In the United States, Pennsylvania.
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    1. Real life/preferred name: Pat 2. Display name: TNTSmokeNFly 3. Previous names & aliases: SmokeNFlyy Pat The Glad 4. About yourself: I'm 24, from Philadelphia and finishing my last year of college. Started playing again like a month ago after a break from rs for about a year. I like to scape, play hockey, watch sports, scape, hit the bar, blaze, and also scape. 5. Clan history: Currently in TNT, was in Dragonwood and UBH 6. Where did you hear about DF? Knew about DF when I first started clanning in like 2008 or so. 7. Do you know anyone in DF? List them: True 8. Reason for introduction: Because I plan to join in the near future 9. Additional comments: Always down for some bossing!