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  1. Z Spear

    Grats on the loot. =]
  2. 1/12,000

    :OOO Nice.
  3. Duo Ancestral Panty

  4. I'm a 90's kid.

    Grats, nice levels.
  5. 93 slayer :)

    Well done.
  6. Dragon Claws 4 men

    Nice loot.
  7. Duo Dexterous Scrolly

    Grats on loot.
  8. Tangleroot

    LOL Gratssssssssssss.
  9. Killed team at NG, killed team at gdz for free loot (think they were planning on single pking?), killed people at bear. Ended it by owning some pd til they became minions like usual. Thanks for the zgs 'Runkatakyrpa'. Lots of free mystics out tonight as well, easy as always. Pics:
  10. 100m Total

  11. So I had a dream...