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  1. Big Accomplish

  2. i hate this game

    I'm too bad with right click then left clicking things for like jad/boss. Would probably misclick to walk here or just miss hits cause I don't click on attack. Usually do blood barrage minions but they weren't all in a 2x2 like before so that kinda threw me off.
  3. dex scroll

  4. 1000 Raids

    Grats, shame we didn't get anything.
  5. The time has come......

    Your 10 referrals have posted. You meet our requirements so your rank has been changed to Hunny Guest. PM an Official to get HG rank on teamspeak.Stay active around our forums & thanks for staying close to our community.
  6. The deed is done.

    Submit this to /r/HighQualityGifs. Grats.
  7. u wasn't there

  8. i hate this game

    That was my 3rd time.
  9. i hate this game

    Basically I clicked on a jad minion instead of on the ground so my character didn't run when I wanted it to so it got a square or two behind so I got hit by the boss and ended up dying. Had more than enough pots, my (Renee's) bow was hitting like 400+ exps every time and prior to that, I was basically doing everything on the boss perfectly fine. Basically I had it that run. :c PS. You can hear yell no at :22 even though my recorder has my mic on -53.2 dB and it's 2:30 AM. PPS. Just noticed that I turned off rigour for some reason lmao, idk but I had it on the entire boss kill but turned it off midway through jad for some reason.

    Happy birthday Mini David, hope all of your wishes come true.
  11. Arcane

    Not bad.
  12. Happy Birthday AR07

    Happy birthday AR07. Hope all your wishes come true.