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  1. Happy birthday Amanda, hope all your wishes come true.
  2. Happy birthday Renee. Hope all of your wishes come true, thanks for being such a good friend the past few months. PS I was not told how to take the picture and PJ had to be heavily bribed to have that picture taken, hence why he looks like a goober compared to the others.. e.e
  3. Grats pal.
  4. Road to 78? Grats.
  5. grat
  6. Bit more effort would've been nice, get IRC and get to know people. Good luck.
  7. Grats.
  8. You're making me proud. :,) Grats.
  9. GRats PAL!
  10. Grats.
  11. Lmfao wtf, grats.
  12. Grats d00d.