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  1. DF vs Team Swede & Rev 8/21/18

    Gf, ty for fights.
  2. 60 days later

    Grats on breaking your guys' super long dry streak.
  3. New pet

    Do lumby elite. Grats.
  4. DF vs WM 8/20/18

    12;25 for why I missed the ending where WM dipped out. =] Gf clans.
  5. Gf Wild Might, thanks for the action. Always fun fighting you guys.
  6. Woke up for this

    Almost there, grats.
  7. hello renegades council adam

    Can't believe you guys are left clicking NPCs & bosses l0l0l0fdsafdoasfa. Only left clicking other players is acceptable, get with the program guys!R$(@)^@)(GSD@!!!!!! That's the one true way to play rUnEsCapE!@@
  8. hello renegades council adam

    You're spending your sunday lmfa00fasads0ga00000!!!!@#%@#!!!11111111