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  1. Jad Pet

    Grats on your new pet!
  2. Mand Blue Skin Req

    Confirmed best skin by my test (tube) subjects @Rohan @NeverSober. Blue skin helped Rohan win 4m from duel arena as well. Doesn't protect from ags specs though.
  3. Free 6m

    Grats! Why DWH over SGS?
  4. Hey guys Zezrma here :)

    Hey, nice to meet you.
  5. 60 Farming

  6. Din's Bulwark 5 men

  7. Hello world

    Congratulations again and glad that things seem to be going well Kristin!
  8. Mand Blue Skin Req

    Written guide on how to do it if you want as well. :} Probably video guides out there as well if you prefer that though we used this one:
  9. Dexterous 4 men

  10. Pownix' intro once again

    Best of luck this time around.
  11. Got it now

  12. Pretty gooood

    Hey there, nice to meet you.
  13. Ayyy, small update

    And hey, good to hear from you again finally.
  14. cool beans

    Dark crabs.
  15. Was fun. You’re lucky Chancellor.
  16. Z Spear

    Grats on the loot. =]
  17. 1/12,000

    :OOO Nice.