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  1. 83 rc

    GRATS omg. LEts race to max!
  2. 99 herb dont @ me

    GRATS @Simon FRIEND@!$@#!$!!!!!!!!
  3. rsps's

    Proud part of Fat Tony v10 on OS-Scape and Near Reality.
  4. magical

    Grats imk.
  5. Went on our usual player killing trip this Thursday. After an hour of killing all the PvMers and small teams, we ran into Elite Zerks east of bear. Fought them for 30 minutes or so until some pure clan logged and both EZ and the pure clan ran towards single and neither returned so we took our ending. Rushed Cutthroat as well at RDG but they weren't too interested in fighting and dipped out instantly. Hopped around for another 15-20 minutes to see if either clans wanted to come back and fight but they were done so we called it. Gf Ez, shame about the ending but felt like the result ultimately would've been the same as we definitely had the upperhand the entire fight. Pics:
  6. Divine Forces vs Elite Zerks

    Gf EZ. Thanks for the fights lately. =]
  7. Hunny guest app

    Your 10 referrals have posted. You meet our requirements so your rank has been changed to Hunny Guest. PM an Official to get HG rank on teamspeak.Stay active around our forums & thanks for staying close to our community.
  8. "2 years too late"

    Grats Good Binds.
  9. You're awake at midnight --> 3 AM and you have an urge to get yourself a snack/make yourself a quick meal. What do you get/make? I'd go with shredded hash browns. Anyways, good night friends, no idea why I'm even still awake when I have my last exam in a few hours in the morning. :DDD
  10. 126 combat & fund raising campaign

    Took its time, glad you finally got it. Grats Daniel and good luck with your goals. Looking forward to seeing you join us kill people on W49/61. =]
  11. Favorite Late Night Snack/Meal

    Cubed potatoes are good as well. And I'm DONE WITH MY EXAM WOOOOOOOOOOOO.
  12. i decided to buy a bond just for this

    Grats you skiller.
  13. How do you eat Burger & Fries

    Burgers then fries.
  14. 13m is 13m

    Grats on the drop.
  15. Bad Habits

    Procrastination and I pick at my nails a lot when I have nothing to do/I'm bored in class/nervous.