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  1. New pet :D

    Grats! Pretty rare one to get.
  2. only need one totem

    Grats on skotizo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. 99 SLAYER

  4. Very second drop from Cliffordddd

    Would bring bp for healing spec and def pot so ranged attacks don't completely own you. Grats.
  5. 2100

  6. Few levels

  7. free money.... ok

    Grats. Always freaked me out how big it was.

    Thanks for the split, glad I got a bit more since we decided not to split with @Redroc as well.
  9. What kind of milk do you like?

    Don't like milk.
  10. 97 fletching

  11. I'm free

    Grats on 150M house tab.
  12. Ninety four

    Grats De Mechelaar! Getting there.
  13. Fan Appreciation

    White flowers > fan.
  14. Cerb 100 kills or so -

    Dang wtf.. Grats.
  15. "Who Remembers When"

    Digging through my yt and found this gem @Simon. (ignore inv..)
  16. B2B Hilties

    The luck is finally raining in. Thanks for the carry last night.
  17. DF P2P PK 7/18/18

    ft vr, zily team & barrage piles.
  18. Divine Forces Wednesday PK ft VR

    Hope you've been well pal.
  19. Divine Forces Wednesday PK ft VR

    Thanks for the battle.