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  1. Shit game

  2. 98 Woodcutting

  3. 80 RC

  4. Hey it me

  5. [Accepted]Hmm :thinking:

    1. What is your current display name: - DarkDan 2. List all your previous aliases/display names: - Dark_Dan18 3. Post a picture of your stats & combat level (if you are a low level, we expect you train hard during your IG/FA period) 124.10 cmb 4. What timezone are you in? - GMT 5. Your clan history. Every clan OR team you've joined or attempted to join, how long you were affiliated, highest rank held and why are you no longer in said clan. Inaccurate information will result in an automatic decline. - Envy (High Council) - DF 6. List all DF members you currently know. How long have you known them and where did you meet them? -long as list ... 7. As an intro it is important to integrate with the community. Do you have IRC and Teamspeak installed? On a side note: Be in "DForces" clan chat when you're online. - Yes 8. Tell us a little about yourself: - Well I'm Dan 26 living in the south of the UK. I'm married and have just had my 2nd child. I've been around the clanning scene for many years off and on but my fire for RS is still strong. I play a good 4-6 hours a day and somehow I'm still bloody poor -.-. Anything I can AFK I will IE the 99 fishing . Some other intrests of my would be football and I support Chelsea fc . Also loving DBS atm but I'm only watching the English Dub so I'm many episodes behind. And that sums me up 9. How did you find us? - been around DF for years. but Jelle pm'd me to get back into DF 10. Are you ready for warring/pking? (gear/stats/experience/knowledge about 07-warring-styles) - Stats n Experience yes, Gear no. 11. Estimate the time it will take you to be ready to apply for FA? (Minimum 1 week - community integration) - 12. Come clean. This section is for the confession or admission of anything which may cause a problem in you getting accepted. This includes any NH activities, hacking/scamming, spying/leaking, DDoSing or any other acts you feel may jeopardize your chance at getting in DF. If it is later found that you did not mention something significant here, you will be declined on suspicion of concealing it. 13. Is there anything else you would like to add? - Jelle made me
  6. Face with the name

    you can never trust someone unless they have a beard
  7. The shit just keeps rollin in

    very nice gratz lol
  8. 99 <><

    u just jelly
  9. 99 <><

    for the cooking xp lol
  10. 99 <><

    98 - 99 for 10k anglers before that I did 50% anglers 50% lobbies to speed it up
  11. 99 <><

    about bloody time lol 99 cooking next!!
  12. DF Esports Type Logo

    very nice Gohan
  13. 99 <><

    I'll join you soon 363k for me gratz man but I have the pet
  14. Ancestral Robe Top

    very nice gratz