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  1. Classic Jagex: Max Cash Bug

    The sack, at Jagex? The home of pamering, positive thinking and "if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all". Who's ever fault this was will probably get a pay rise and a promotion from Matt K to make them feel better about such a titanic cock up. I don't think the person should be sacked but they certainly need a professional standard slap across the face but like I said at JAGEX anything goes and there is no professional standard for anything LUL
  2. Classic Jagex: Max Cash Bug

    I mean this is legit economy trashed for ever unless they roll back, biggest fuck up since party item duping in classic...the amount of cash in the game has probably almost doubled instantly if not more based on what people are posting on reddit and twitter, they could all be talking shit but even if they are there is people out there. This wasn't just 1 thing either, people were just randomly getting max cash from all kinds of actions, not just pking but dying to npcs your grave would have max cash in it, selling an item on GE you would receive max cash etc. There is no other option than a roll back with something so catastrophic and widespread. Not even a bug people had to know about and intentionally abuse, everyone playing the game just randomly running into max cash every few seconds...
  3. Juventus sign Cristiano Ronaldo

    Ronaldo is still good enough to be in contention for the ballon D'or, hes 33 but not ready for America yet lol. He has also said in the past he wants to rtire playing at the highest level, I.E not going to US/China but we'll see if that sticks.
  4. [Accepted]Intro

    Do you or do you not do the basics?
  5. [Accepted]Intro

    Excuse me pls answer question how are we sposed to know if ur trash or not??? Ain't nobody looking for another @Murray in CWA tyvm
  6. FFA Solo

  7. Some Holy Progression

    god is real this proves it
  8. FFA Solo

  9. FFA Solo

    last night, 140m thanks entry raids for crashing price ty ty jagex never lucky why not scythe? I would have taken rapier pretty unlucky tbh ffs no pet even etc
  10. england sweden

    I predict 2-0 england
  11. Woopers HG

  12. Raids content pogchamp

    trio in 4 man FFA 53m @Ekstra @Branflakez
  13. Ghrazi Rapier

  14. 90 Runecraft- 200k ph

    nice 11 months of essence mining