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  1. wheres my single digit kc pet then?
  2. "im gay and hitler did nothing wrong" - jonas 2019
  3. Is supreme pet on my second task the same as prime pet on my first task HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
  4. but i do the whole task and stay until i run out evne after task is done so usually get through them for the anti effect
  5. have you been to dks before lewk?
  6. "Whats a cerberus...HELP SOMEONE" - True 2K8 Divine Forces leader/Warlord/Staff/Admin/Caller/Server admin on TS/IRC OP
  7. tbf this is only one, everyone else gets loads of early pets, never, ever, ever lucky not even once
  8. 6 months dry of pvm pets
  9. 126

    acc sharing is bannable btw
  10. I don't really have some impressive list, just cut all the corners and always do everything tomorrow.
  11. This is not me but I have pretty much this hair, get it cut like every 2 months, not cheap.
  12. I think its maybe a good shout that she ends up in the north wanting help from Jon Snow. Her arriving and insisting on him coming and bending the knee in such an aggressive way, even when Tyrrion told he he's a good man, was kinda unlike her. Feels like that will come back to bite her if she mistreats him.
  13. I'm glad Theon jumped like a little bitch. In other shows/films, he would come good under pressure, rescue his sister, kill Euron and steer the fleet on to Dorne as planned. Not GOT, panics and dumps his ass overboard into the burning waters to save himself and cut everyone else loose. @IMK The Arya/Nymeria scene, I thought Arya said as the wolf walked away "its not you". Which is why she smiled, in realization that the direwolf which just shunned her wasn't the one she knew?
  14. fat ugly gay and kill urself