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  1. [Updated]Z Spear

    wow so incredible amzing
  2. Trump vs NBA/NFL

    Rings a few too many bells
  3. Dragon Slayer II

    Quest line isn't that inspiring, I wonder what the main part of the quest will be?!?! WOW ITS KILLING A DRAGON WITH DFS/ANTI FIRE POTS INCREDIBLE! The vampire, elf, dwarf, fairy or desert storylines would all have been way more interesting. Theres no development in going through drag slayer/crandor, its just an island with no inhabitants that used to have inhabitants because the dragon scared them off? Compare that to the vampyres, elves, fairies or majharrat storylines on rs and they're all way better or more interesting/space for development than just some dragon boss fight. Rewards look like total dogshit tier dead content and idk how they dont see that. Myths guild - No use in being there instead of any other bank on rs, unless the teleport spot is right next to the bank and it could take the place of crafting guild for quick banking. Other than that, some rune rocks, magic trees etc. are all pointless cause wc guild exists. "Armoury" depends what is sells but i cant see it selling anything usefull lol. A kitchen with a range and sink when there is a range 3 steps from the bank on zeah which has -10% chance to burn food. An altar when ardy cape 1/poh pools exist. A fountain to charge dragonstone jewellery when the charge jewellery spell/scrolls exist. Library with lore books... and a dungeon with green/blue drags, will be very crowded if its actually close to the bank but probably the only potentialy usefull part of it Surge spells - Where are they gonna be used? People either use ancients, lunars or trident. Unless they are better than trident which will be legit OP as fuck... Superior antifire potions - Just going to be OP and stupid, means taking defender and all kinds or other max shit anywhere you want without having to use a dfs ever again. Wrath runes - "Crafting Wrath runes will provide less xp/hr than lava runes (approx. 30k/hour) and will require traversing through a dungeon filled with aggressive dragons of varying strength or via the Abyss. " OK SO WHY THE FUCK WOULD ANYONE DO THIS BEYOND FIRST WEEK WHEN THEY ARE MEGA EXPENSIVE BECAUSE NEW? Vorkrath - New solo boss, drops will either be OP zulrah 2 or dogshit Fossil island wyverns 2. Avas assembler - Cool new BIS range cape which builds upon accumulator, seems fine i suppose, not really necessary a new ranged helm would have been better. Dragonfire ward - New ranged offhand which is less good than twisted buckler... Dragon bolts - cool, probs going to be super strong in pvp because of base damage without relying on specs. Dragonbone necklace - Restores a small amount of prayer points per bone buried, scaling with bone type. Will only be worth using in conjunction with a bonecrusher and even then i dont see how its worth switching to this at the end of every kill when you can just take prayer armour and never run out anyway. Adamant + rune dragons - Will either be the new brutal blacks or the new mithril dragons. I.E botted and camped permanently for gp/hour or literally will only ever be killed for an achievement diary/slayer task cause you ran out of points to cancel. Dragon kiteshield - Dogshit, slightly better than rune kite, not even close to dfs let alone having a chance at replacing defender etc. Dragon platebody - Even more dogshit, way, way inferior to even a torags plate... Corsair cave - hheheehhe more updates for F2P players who dont pay membership!
  4. Best range exp

    join ub bois lego
  5. Hello

    friends with homedawg?
  6. the greatest conspiracy of our time

    personally i only eat blue speckled eggs from the rare "song thrush"
  7. Caturday

    cool carpet
  8. 99 Farmer

    paid for by kenny
  9. As far as I know there aren't any patterns in chronic health issues with people heavily tattooed though. If people with tattoos were hitting the 30 year mark and a lot of them were developing similar, chronic issues, then maybe. Right now I dont know its massively important because there doesnt seem to be any actual problem to solve here. "chemicals, lymph nodes, build up, toxic" are all flashy danger words but end of the day there doesn't seem to be any correlation between tats and certain symptoms yet and tattoos have been around a very long time.
  10. [Updated]Dex

    idk why you and everyone like you havent been kicked yet
  11. Kinda ironic you make a statement like that, relevant to the topic, then call him an idiot. (even thuough it IS matrix ) What is used in tattoos and the depth within the skin at which they are applied along with the method of application has changed, just a bit. Certainly worth investigating and the article was pretty interesting BUT their sample size was four and the analysis they did on the lymph nodes is extremely limited as they seem to only have extracted and looked at 1 node from each subject. It basically acts as support for the principle that tattoo particles are transported and deposited but beyond that basic statement it doesn't say too much. they also worked on corpses which raises a bunch of other problems as well
  12. [Updated]:DDDDDDDDDD