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  1. Ila161 HG app

    LUL yes
  2. Ila161 HG app

  3. 500m Total xp

    Half of @Bob Kelso cause im twice as sociable so I only have half the time for xp. Cleaning Marrentils is 3.5xp I thought it was only 3 got 1 extra by accident ffs.
  4. World 347 Glitch

    I've never heard of any of those glitches, I've heard of Durial321. Ur a nobody either way.
  5. World 347 Glitch

    wow u r so amazing? wen i grow up i b like k-11
  6. World 347 Glitch

    Almost like high profile, high impact glitches are different to low profile glitches.
  7. World 347 Glitch

    You've heard of Durial321? This is exactly the same thing, if someone used this glitch to kill another player and isn't life long banned pretty terrible play by Jagex.
  8. World 347 Glitch

    not what
  9. World 347 Glitch

    MFW someone on their legit, real account with no prior knowledge this was coming realizes they can kill people on a non-pvp, non-deadman world and doesn't realize it's gonna be a life long perma ban.
  10. Venom - Official Trailer

    Seems like a pretty big departure from what Venom was in his original role. I don't really care much about lore and history and comics etc but I can imagine there is gonna be some uproar over this.
  11. ty howie

    @h10 foot pedalling 200m thieving SMH, i got 99 thieving when it was respectable
  12. post good funny cute animals
  13. FAKE NEWS!!!

    Seems likely a bunch of this kinda shady shit has been going on for ages, in terms of underhand things exploiting social media/propaganda to try and sway people's opinions on important things. Most of it we probably still don't know about. I don't really subscribe to any one news outlet, I read bits and pieces from everything but you should only ever believe something (if its supports your views or otherwise) if the source you are looking at enables you to read and interpret their evidence yourself. Media should point you to the evidence and then you should draw your own conclusions.
  14. hummy

    ffs humbug
  15. Some Levels

    no im maxed cya kid