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  1. Started out really good but didn't really pick up pace considering how good I think the season will be. Trailers always do this when they just try and use clips from the show instead of a dedicated, filmed trailer though.
  2. see you in 3 days borrowing rune crossbow for zulrah
  3. out yes
  4. I find it strange how many people say they don't care and are just enjoying the ride. I don't think those people really get the potential implications of things like the withdrawal of intelligence sharing from other countries or Trump trying to interfere with the FBI or firing those who don't do as they're told. We have a general election coming up here and the front runner (Theresa May) is up for re-election but the strongest competition (Jeremy Corbyn) has similar issues as Bernie Sanders, being perceived as communist and unrealistic (to some extent). Most people have opinions on the election though and even if they are just going to vote for the same party they always vote for, more people here seem to be interested in this kinda thing than in the US at the moment. Which is strange because of how provocative and emotive a person/leader Trump is, particularly compared to the drab, boring, unrelatable candidates we have running here.
  5. probably worse he wants to electrocute gay children to make them straight
  6. I think you're confused
  7. In recent weeks Donald Trump has had even more shit blow up over several things and I was just curious what American people who did or even didn't vote for him think now. There was a bunch of shit before/during and after the election but some more pretty serious stuff has cropped up in the last week that has had people criticising Trump and his words/actions and I'll only go over those because the character limit is probably not large enough to cover all his controversies. (links got killed by the filter but if you google NYTimes Trump White House you'll find a list of the articles) Trump started out with a disapproval rating of 52% pre-inauguration which rose to around 54% post-inauguration (both polled in January 2017). Current opinion polls rate him at about 55% disapproval. - Sacking of James Comey, the director of the FBI and head of an investigation into the Trump campaign's potential collusion with the Russians in the fixing of the election. This was followed by contradictory explanations by the white house and Trump himself on different occasions. - "Comey memo" released after his sacking describes Trump attempting to interfere/impede the FBI's investigation into Michael Flynn regarding his involvement with collusion with the Russians. - Trump publicly congratulates Recep Erdoğan (leader of Turkey) on his "win" in a recent referendum to increase his powers as leader, which was "won" through violence and suppression of the opposition. Erdoğan's staff and supporters then went on to assault a small crowd of protesters outside the Turkish embassy in America (they kicked the shit out of american citizens on american soil for protesting against Erdoğan, as opposition like that is illegal in Turkey). Trump did not speak about this nor act on it likely due to very generous application of political immunity rules. - Trump held a meeting with Russian officials to which American press were not permitted to attend or cover. During this meeting Trump was recorded bragging to the Russian foreign minister "I just fired the head of the F.B.I. He was crazy, a real nut job” he also said “I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off.” (remember this guy was investigating collusion with Russia before being mysteriously fired). - Trump leaks ultra high sensitivity information acquired through intelligence sharing with (probably) Israel regarding anti-terrorism operations in the middle east by bragging about it in a meeting with Russian officials at the white house. This information was secretive enough to have not been shared with most high ranking security officials within the US and the leaking of it is considered to have done serious damage to America's trustworthiness as an intelligence partner. Though this is not illegal, because the president can declassify information at any time, it was done purely to brag, without the permission of the intelligence partner who shared that information with the Americans and potentially puts the source of the information and their operation in jeopardy. In Britain most people I speak to seem to also disapprove of Trump, some don't care but I've not met or spoken to anyone who agrees with or supports Trump as the US president. It seems to be that way across Europe from the people I know in other countries here but I don't have a very large sample for that opinion. What do people here think of Trump now and do you think impeachment is a viable option? Would you even want Pence in charge? All sources are NYTimes because it was easiest to link all from one vendor but I only linked articles where what they claim has been verified by the white house itself.
  8. Dex

    wheres my split at?
  9. I closed DI
  10. only after i shave i use moisturiser on my face
  11. get "df hunny guest" tattoo and ill make ross give it back
  12. Was having a fucked up day, came across this, pretty cool.
  13. Jelle E dater experience
  14. Matrix is just a walking irl twitch chat, don't expect him to understand things. Ice also had a very low sub count relative to his average concurrent viewers and did not run ads. As far as twitch is concerned that guy makes them ass all money, breeds a sess pit community in his chat/reddit and gets them regular bad press. Good riddance from twitch lol.