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  2. How many Revenants have you killed?

    1x 16m 1x 900k 2x 2m 1975 kills
  3. THE RED WEDDING - Age of Empires Edition

    literally so easy to pummel and crush @Eli into surrendering
  4. Hiya

    Yo I recognize your name
  5. 100m [D]

  6. Maxed

    Feels really good to be done doesn't it? Whats your plans now @Rene?
  7. Divine Forces Thursday PK

    serious amounts of free shit
  8. Pictures of Ross afking

  9. chop chop

    insane new 2tick yew method? crazy grats
  10. Trip to Africa

    Pretty cool/lucky to get up close pictures with leopard/cheetah. They aren't very common and are very hard to find
  11. #VR_Leaders leaks [2016 onwards]

    do you think im fucking rich or something? using tent whip charges on an 8 man charity raid LOL??
  12. Pizzas & Pineapples: The Sequel

    ye pizzas first then pineapple
  13. Giff l Tama