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  1. this is like posting a topic for complete cooks assistant you fucking retard
  2. definition of nvr lck

    only the good die young
  3. definition of nvr lck

    Guy in cc getting 79 kc hell puppy: Me hitting mega rare drop table and getting junk: Getting duplicate page for the only godbook I already have complete: Fire lighters:
  4. Lucky for once

    hard clue probss would have been 2x 3rd age items rip neverl ucky
  5. Good News for once

    idk dont feel its a reason to celebrate, for the same reason im against the death penalty - Most people would rather die than spend their life in prison, so I'd rather they suffer the bordem and psychological torture of prison than be killed.
  6. i dont brush my teeth im british?
  7. Will you play RS mobile?

    Yea I'll just go to bed earlier and like fish in bed for an extra half hour without having to worry about a mouse or some shit. Won't use it out and about, no.
  8. Iron man btw

    First interesting unique I suppose
  9. Beaver

    i cri
  10. New PC Build (Help Required)

    My bedroom is only 1 floor above the router and opposite side of the house but similar to you very thick walls and shit so i literally cant watch streams in mobile quality upstairs without heavy buffering and these completely solved that. =)
  11. New PC Build (Help Required)

    for the connection issue, if you have a socket close to your PC that is free you can use this they will allow you to have ethernet connection
  12. Olmlet

  13. Amulet of fury (ironman btw)

    nice moustache
  14. One where anime doesn't exist