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  1. Mass raids Dex

    Nice loots! Congratz yall
  2. DF mass raid twisted bow

    Nice loot! Congratz
  3. Posting on forums as requested

    Congratz man, keep it up!
  4. George felt it in his loins

    Gratz on the loot
  5. Wanted this since 2k06

    Very nice! Congratz man
  6. Thermonuclear smoke devil 1/2 done (btw)

    Gratz and good luck with Occult !
  7. 99 Pray

    Very nice, congratz man
  8. Which game should I purchase

    I voted Dark Soul 3. Ive never played any but I watched someone stream it, looked pretty good! Can't help with your question, I have no idea about Dark soul 1 & 2.
  9. Divine Forces Friday Fun

    Looked fun! Congratz DF
  10. Dragonslayer 2!

    Congratz on the quest
  11. Another one...

    Congratz man Keep it up!
  12. BOTTOM

    Congratz on the loot!!!!
  13. Helpuppy on my ironman lmfao (btw)

    Nice man! Congratz Keep it up!
  14. 99 Farming

    Very nice, congratz man
  15. EASY

    Very nice, congratz man