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  1. 91 Herb

    Congrats and gl with 99
  2. 99 Hunter

    Very nice! Congrats
  3. Herbi!!@!@!

    Congrats on the pet!
  4. 99 crafting

    Very nice congrats man Keep the good work!
  5. Hilt

    Congrats on the loot
  6. Galhas10

    Hey! Welcome back Your name sound very familiar!
  7. 88 woodcutting

    Congrats keep it up!
  8. Avernic Defender Hilt & Sinhahhhaza Shroud

    Grats on loot & on cape
  9. Dexterous Prayer Scroll

    Congrats on the loot
  10. Avernic Defender Hilt

    Congrats on the loot! The drop rate is way too high lol
  11. finally

    Congrats on 2k GL with kills!
  12. Baby Chinchompa!!!

    Congrats on the pet
  13. 98 crafting

    Very nice, congrats and keep it up
  14. crawling

    Congrats on the Gps Keep it up!
  15. Ghrazi Rapier

    Congrats on the loot