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  1. Jad Pet

    Ooh I see, Thanks for telling me! And gratz again!
  2. Jad Pet

    Congratz on the pet What pet are the #2 #4 #6 #12 ? Edit: Do you get the pet just randomly ? or do u have to do something while killing jad
  3. Free 6m

    Gratz on the loot
  4. Hey guys Zezrma here :)

    Welcome to the forum Mark! Hope you like it around!
  5. Throwback

    Runescape and there song..
  6. Din's Bulwark 5 men

    Gratz on the loot! Keep it up
  7. Hello world

    Beautiful kids, good news that hes fine even if he got out a little earlier (Not too earlier) so not too bad Congratz again!
  8. 60 Farming

    Gratz man! Keep owning! #1 soon

    Happy Birthday Rene Have a good one!
  10. Mand Blue Skin Req

    Lol wtf.. U can be blue now
  11. 2 songs im addicted 2

    I think both are decent. Id give them both a 7/10
  12. N(B)A LCS 2018

    RIP IMT Was my fav team lol
  13. Dexterous 4 men

    Gratz on the loot, keep it up!
  14. Duo Dexterous Scrolly

    Gratz on the loot! Keep it up!
  15. Pownix' intro once again

    Welcome back Mitch! Good luck!