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  1. 60 days later

    Grats on the loot
  2. New pet

    Nice chronic Congrats!
  3. I'm really good at clicking quite fast

    Very nice, congrats
  4. Woke up for this

    Grats man, keep it up
  5. hello renegades council adam

    Why are 2 clans flaming/whatever each other over a competition on a clan
  6. 99 Prayer ft Exomy

    Congrats man!
  7. She crafts

    Congrats keep it up!
  8. Few levels

    Grats on the lvls Keep it up!
  9. cheeky bandos

    Congrats on the loot
  10. Jimmy Jamal Strikes Again(Gmaul)

    Lol nice1, grats on the kill
  11. BINGO

    Very nice! Congrats
  12. 98 Slay Her

    Grats Sutty! Keep it up
  13. Too slow again

    Coongrats Morphin, keep it up