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  1. Rapier

    Grats on the loot
  2. Scythe of Vitur

    You are so lucky. Holy shit lol. Congrats
  3. New pet :D

    Grats on the pet
  4. only need one totem

    COngrats on the loot!
  5. Very second drop from Cliffordddd

    Grats on the loot!
  6. 99 SLAYER

    Congrats man
  7. 2100

    Very nice! Congrats
  8. Very first drop from Cliffordddd

    Congrats on the loot
  9. free money.... ok

    Congrats on the loot
  10. Few levels

    COngrats man, keep it up
  11. 97 fletching

    COngrats! Keep it up
  12. What kind of milk do you like?

    1%! Used to drink 2% but NAH not anymore. I barely drink any tho..

    Congrats on the loot
  14. I'm free

  15. Ninety four

    Very nice! Congrats keep it up
  16. Dexterous Prayer Scroll

    Grats on the loot
  17. B2B Hilties

    Nice loots COngrats
  18. Demonic Shrine - Part 2

    Nice job, love the way it look at the end. Keep it up man
  19. 2k totallion

    Very nice, congrats on 2k!
  20. Rapier Boys

    Nice loot, congrats
  21. eat a dick jelle

    Nice loot COngrats
  22. Avernic Defender Hilt

    Grats on the loot
  23. Sanguinesti Staff

    Grats on the loot
  24. Duel Arena

    Grats Rohan Big gains!
  25. Just out of curiousity?

    Two wrong are only the begining!