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  1. BACK 2 BACK

    Congratz on the loot!!
  2. Mattttheww Intro

    Hi Matt! ''The'' and RR thats old clans Welcome to DF forum! Hope you like it around
  3. 99 Prayer

    Congratz man
  4. Divine Forces Fun

    Haha looked fun! Glad yall enjoyed
  5. I lost the game

    Hi Josh! Remember you from back in the days! Welcome back to RS & Welcome to DF forum!
  6. IMK found wigless in a ditch

    Nicee loot, congratz sutty!
  7. Purple fart cloud

    Congratz on the pet!
  8. Smug Advice DF Introduction!

    Welcome tom the forum Smug! Hope you like it around
  9. King Smiffy

    Welcome tom the forum Smiffy! Hope you like it around
  10. OSRS Mobile: Data and Battery Blog

    Agreed ^ Im also surprised with the 8-12% battery use for an hour, tought it would be much worse lol. If they ever test it on iphone I bet its gona be like 25%/hour Dunno if it's my battery but it goes down pretty fast lol
  11. holy fuck this is absurd

    Lol wtf.. The ending was pretty funny lol Lets go again!
  12. Divine Forces Monday Debt Collection

    Looked fun! Congratz on the loot DF!
  13. b2b 2nd and 3rd crystal lmfao (ironman)

    Very lucky congratz man! GL with the last pair!
  14. First Cerberus crystal! (ironman)

    Very nice congratz man
  15. Community intro

    Hello Ollie! Welcome to DF forum! Hope you like it around!
  16. The Upper Level

    Congratz man keep it up!
  17. Miss Vorki

    Gratz on the pet!!
  18. Just over 2 months, PZ EZ

    Nice man COngratz and keep it up!
  19. Meet Haley

    Nice dog
  20. Hello Everyone

    Hello Scott!! Welcome back
  21. Divine Forces clear Unks + 3 vr watchers

    Looked fun!! Congratz DF
  22. Progress 1 month in.

    Congratz man thats very good!
  23. 29,968 abbysal demons later

    Damn lol thats alot. Congratz on the head! Think we can say ''Well deserved'' lol
  24. Big raids drop we back bb

    Congratz on the loot lol
  25. 2200

    Congratz keep it up!!