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  1. Y2K

    We did it reddit. The grind was awful, fuck this game Can't ditch me anymore @Miles
  2. hi

    How is Danny's T bow treating you?
  3. Both. Have you tried to aim with morning wood? Sit down and save your mother's cleaning up all the piss you managed to get everywhere but the toilet
  4. Hello who poops sitting down??
  5. Who's join is it?
  6. Fake and gay
  7. Hey
  8. I swear to god I will cause myself permanent damage and get 99 fletching in like a day if you get close
  9. If you beat me to 2k I swear...
  10. Boy you're on probation you wanna go back to the pen fam?
  11. Getting defensive? You can't be serious LMFAO You've sat here and tried to IRL flame me like a child this whole time and talk about me being defensive? Keep going, buddy
  12. Never spoke to you yet you get your panties in a bunch over a very apparent joke. Get your head out of your ass its not a big deal you're acting like a child lol