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  1. The Leafs literally got bodied so bad for a large bulk of that game. Freddy bailed us out hard. You're literally the type of person that is the most annoying to listen to. You literally have no idea about hockey from everything you say yet you just spew nonsense constantly and stupid crap like golf Habs golf
  2. Would you sign a prenup?

    I would say it my significant other was significant better off than myself financially then I would happily do so. You don't expect it to ever happen but you never know. If it was her that made the suggestion I'd understand. I'd be much more hesitant and mad if it was someone from her family to make the suggestion
  3. LoL Worlds 2017

    Cloud 9 making it out of groups quote me on this
  4. Boy/Girl Scouts

    I just think this sort of thing is nonsense because it's only ever going to go one way really. It always seems like anything that exclusive for men must be stopped and gender equality says women should be allowed to participate but if it's the reverse there's no chance the same happens because "women will be uncomfortable" I get the amount of men who would want to participate in women's only things that aren't freaks are minimal but it's just the concept that if girls want to be involved in boy scouts we're cool but the vice versa happens no god forbid that little boy feel like he's able to do what he wants and they shouldn't have to identify as transgender to be able to.
  5. BenQ gaming monitor

    Then just get the bigger one. If you were gonna dual at some point I would have said go with the 24 and save a bit of cash for another one later but if you're set for 1 then just go for the 27
  6. Vegas Mass Shooting

    Who needs real gun laws right? Need to protect my property with an AR15 lol. No way there's any correlation between having the loosest gun laws in the world and having the by far highest gun crime rate and amount of mass shooting in the civilized world
  7. 3 man tbow

    Btw I'm charging 100% daily interest on the spectral thanks
  8. 10 more to go

    You're a savage
  9. Roast me

    Wait you're still in this clan?
  10. What is ur car?

    2015 Toyota Corolla LE
  11. Glass man Lupul talks shit

    Literally like 3 people on this site know what you're talking about and we all know what it's like to try and talk sports with you
  12. Smoking

    Youre actually mentally disabled
  13. Apple announce new iPhone 8 + iPhone X

    That is a flat out stupid number($) for a phone
  14. Favorite Desserts

    I'm actually not big on dessert. Only ever really started having it when I would go over to my now inlaws for dinner since they always had a dessert. If I had to pick it would probably be cherry cheesecake or a hot gooey brownie