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  1. Rot strikes again, but as usual they failed.
  2. google translated it, still didnt understand it. but dat girl sheee finee
  3. What did i just waste my life with?
  4. Have we been embargoed? Didnt notice
  5. Gz
  6. Thanks for the fight DF
  7. Respect!
  8. Welcome to our lands
  9. 12. Is there anything else you would like to add? -i love jelle. @Jelle ??? Something i dont know about? Welcome lad! Hope to see you around some more
  10. Nerd's n Gent's (+ The rest), you are all wrong, it aint no goddamn 4-20 But since you say, shure i take a spliff.
  11. ok

    Teach me master!
  12. situational choice of chips: At the beach: Sour Cream N Dill At home: Sour Cream N Onion Out Drinking: Any