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  1. I'm 99 Slay

    good job luke
  2. 99 Hunter

    nice job dood
  3. E3 2018

    didn't know they showed a new metro game, first ones are sick
  4. Galhas10

    hi, name seems familiar
  5. Hilt

    nice loot
  6. E3 2018

    saw a lot of good shit, new elder scrolls, fall out, the last of us and lis2. battlefield showed some things too. gonna be a good couple years of games ngl
  7. finally

  8. Baby Chinchompa!!!

    nice dude =]
  9. Never Lucky

    nice loot
  10. Ghrazi Rapieer

    youre owning
  11. crawling

    in my skin
  12. XXXtentacion dead

    and hes black