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  1. DF vs VNG 1/11/18

    Music is too soft. I want something ripping my eardrums while I watch my foes die.
  2. Band Game

    50 cent
  3. Band Game


    hbd kiddo
  5. Sprinter

    What's running?
  6. Rot and Jed exposed in early GMT.

    So sooo juicy
  7. Halfway

    Gratz fgt
  8. I normally wake up, shower, have my breakfast, then I'll brush. Normally swish some water first as I don't want to brush through food.
  9. Probably Pokemon ngl. It's be an easy/carefree life. I'd probably spend the first few months by the water trying to get my Magikarp into a Gyarados then see where the waves take us.
  10. Hello :)

    Thanks everyone Already feeling welcome!
  11. Hello :)

    Best caller of runescape. Helped take Forsaken to a new level of quality
  12. Hello :)

    1. Real life/preferred name: Mike 2. Display name: xMike 3. Previous names & aliases: xMike 4. About yourself: My name is Mike. I'm 26 years young. I live in Florida with Mickey. I like to ride my aligator to the beach where we pick oranges and watch the rockets go off. 5. Clan history: -Downfall (2008-2012): Member of the Month Corrupted (Knights 2012-Close): Warlord Wilderness Guardians (2014-2015): Member of the Month Forsaken (On and off from open to close for osrs): Senior Member (I'm pretty boring) 6. Where did you hear about DF? fighting 7. Do you know anyone in DF? List them: -Jelle - Known this guy for a while now. Genuine good guy. Met in Clan Europe -Sugar Mama - Met in some KF Mike team. Was always so nice :3 -Rene - I honestly don't really know how I met him. I think he just started messaging me first and the rest was magical. -Pengy - Met in some M1 11 clan. Good kid -StevenDoom: idk but he always sent me naughty messages on irc -Anyone else I forgot? 8. Reason for introduction: Honestly just to get to know people and keep in touch with some good friends. I know a few really good people here and I'd like to make sure they stay a part of my life. I also hear you guys actually play the game so maybe some of that will wear off on me and make me be on ok runescape player 9. Additional comments:
  13. Hey

    This guy