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  1. 1 2 3 and 4!

  2. Gaming mouse

    i have this one myself btw, pretty cheap but i like it :
  3. Gaming mouse

    yes look for a mouse with a high dpi for example Dont recommand razer mouses they are overpriced bullshit in my opinion
  4. another one bites the dust

    ty bois
  5. another one bites the dust

    no idea why the pic isnt showing
  6. 96 Slayer

    gz man you are close
  7. good job boys and girl(s) <3
  8. rsps's

    i was so rich on soulsplit
  9. rsps's

    leave me alone bitch
  10. rsps's

    didnt they have like gen stores and such at ecto place?
  11. rsps's

    shut up mr singapore