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  1. Who'd fly to McDonalds if they could?

    Tucker Gott is a legend. I'd recommend watching all his videos especially the latest Iceland and Icarus Trophy Race ones.
  2. Tangleroot

    ironman luck btw
  3. Is it worth it?

    No. If you want to play Old School then make an Ironman or something. Maybe just a regular account if you're thinking of really grinding and going for max within a year or two. If you want an MMO with lots of player interactions and a game world where what you do actually affects the future of it then you should look elsewhere. I currently view OSRS as largely a single player game where you just happen to exist in the same game space as other people on their own independent journey.
  4. Making Life Multiplanetary

    Yeah he definitely seemed a bit more emotional than usual. "but fate liked us that day" 12:40 Cheers I'll check it out. I'm assuming it's related to the Fermi paradox and the great filter.
  5. Worth a watch if you wanna keep up with his whole mission to Mars dealio.... This is at the end of the speech if you don't care to watch it all the way through
  6. Gaming Computer/Laptop advice

    1. Desktops are better value in terms of price/performance however if you need the portability then no amount of power gained by going desktop is going to outweigh the portability of a laptop. 2. Both. You already have a laptop for portability, taking to university, work etc. Get a good desktop for gaming/relaxing at home. 3. Desktops are usually more upgradeable than laptops and subsequently this results in more longevity for desktops. The components lifespan is generally much of a muchness. With Ryzen out you can get a really solid desktop on a budget, combine this with a decent graphics card and you're pretty much set. The only components that are expensive (relatively) nowadays is RAM.
  7. 33b

    Markito Flyyyyyy $$ Good job bro
  8. Well

    Inspired by recent P2P victories? Glory hunter!! (ref'd)
  9. stuck on an island..

    1. Taylor Swift 2. SAS Survival Guide, Amateur to IM 3. Cast Away, You've Got Mail, Splash!
  10. Latest one to join the club!

    Outnumbered but never outgunned
  11. What do u want to do with your future?

    When I grow up I want to be able to play video games without being told I should accept someone for being gay.
  12. I have nothing against gay boys but seriously this doesn't beling in fucking Runescape Go push your agenda elsewhere mod wolf you gay fuck